The Elf Authority


Elves started out in Germanic and Scandinavian mythology/folklore. In Germany they often were descendants of Cain along with orknies and giants who stole babies and left baby demons called changelings. Scandinavian elves were mostly little people that took care of flowers, painted bees, and other springtime activities.






HOUSE ELVES or cobbs or brownies, but a brownie should have brown fur.

Elves. You know they live in the hill by Mabel’s house, but you never see them. One day, you come home and the dishes are done. The elves did it! How to thank them? Well, the best thing is to leave out some clothes for them. Once they receive clothes, though, they vanish back to their home, so catch a glimpse of ‘em first!









“Elves” can mean many things. Say you find a piece of money. You take it home, but as you reach your doorstep it becomes a grotesque figure and runs away. You have just seen the Sydney cow, a shapeshifting elf. Say you wander into a village in the woods filled with small people. There’s pucks, hobs, fairies, and gnomes. But they can all can be called fair folk, fairies, or elves.  


Tolkien’s dignified taller elves made a big impression on culture. They are now sorted

Into categories, high elves are even taller than the others, very proud and classy.

Wood elves are usually friendlier. However, they are occasionally total isolationists.

Dark elves are white haired with black skin.

They are fallen elves who live in warlike communities underground.


There’s still lots of room for development on elves. Do they live Santa’s workshop? Do they live in the woods? Human houses? Other dimensions? My next article is fairies and gnomes. Until then your homework is to either research Gremlins, Boggarts, and Gargoyles or deep elves and space elves.








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