There aren’t really very many outer space aliens in mythology, but believers in the unearthly think the Chimaera and others are ancient sightings.

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Vulcans are from the planet Vulcan. They used to be animal-like and had wars, but then used logic to become smarter, thanks to the philosopher Surak. Vulcans and humans may be related. The Vulcans that disagreed with Surak became another race, the Romulans. Romulans are very militant and practice controlled deviousness. Salt Vampires are a shapeshifting species that sucks salt from its victims via tentacles. Eventually the last of the lot is killed by Dr. McCoy because it was killing the crew. Vulcans cannot have their salt taken because of their biology. According to one website, these are the worst Star Trek aliens. Cattulans are aliens with space guitars and face paint looking for a planet named Eden. When they find it they all die from eating poisoned plants. Iotians are a race that modeled their culture after a CD called Chicago mobs of the 1920s another ship left behind.

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Here are some Star Wars aliens:

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Gungans are amphibious aliens from Naboo. Their technology consists of Plasma bubbles, submarines, and big gun thingies. They live all over the place, in fields and underwater cities. They are known to have cool animals like the kaddu, amphibious animals used in battle for mounts, the falumpaset, a large animal that carries shield generators, and the fambaa, similar to falumpasets. Jawas are short aliens of Tatooine with hoods. They are scavengers, and the other Tatooineans think they might be rodents. Hutts are slug-like aliens from Nal Hutta. Many think they are gangsters, but their home planet is quite nice. Many people when thinking of Star Wars think of the musicians in the Cantina. These dudes are Biths! They have very powerful hearing and a sonic grenade can make their heads explode. Ithorians are the world’s best aliens but many people think they are called Hammerheads. They are from the planet Ithor and have a mouth on each side of their neck. They are mammals and have four throats. Female Ithorians have two humps on the back of their neck. Some legends say they worshiped Mother Jungle and were very environmentalist. Their planet has five continents, but they have only colonized two. The other creatures on Ithor are Flens and Gilloms.

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Doctor Who is a popular show from BBC starring “The Doctor”, a Time Lord. Most Time Lords watch over time but this gut ran away in a T.A.R.D.I.S. and guards Earth. Good thing too, because Earth is always being invaded. One native creature that mind controls us is the Silent. Why they mind controlled me to do this I have no idea. They lead the cult known as the Silence, which is complicated so just watch the show. They are slim and whenever you look at them you remember all the times you ever saw them but when you look away you forget all of it. They sleep hanging from the ceiling which is very cute. Daleks are vicious aliens from Skaro. They were once Kaleds but became killer cyborgs when many disasters hit their planet and started killing non-daleks. Without their Dalekplatinum suit they look like little octopi. They are mortal enemies of Time Lords. Weeping Angels are an ancient evil species. They move very fast and are about as tall as a human, but if you look at them they quantum lock. They cover their eyes so they don’t freeze each other forever. Any picture of them turns into a Angel, so if you stare at them for too long your brain becomes one! They either send you back in time and feed on the potential energy, kill you, or using you as a speaking puppet. Baby angels look like Cherub statues and any statue too near their colonies can be possessed, especially in crazy places like Manhattan.

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Unfortunately, our planet is a target for aliens. Some helpful, some evil. According to one website the Sirians are a group from the Sirius B star system. They are very ancient and wise and have helped humans throughout history. Most likely they took the Mayans, one of their favorite groups, to their paradise planet. They helped the Atlanteans when they were in trouble with Poseidon and nowadays help us with science subtly. The Short Grays, or Zeta Reticulums, are into abducting people.

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They have telepathic abilities and work for the Tall Grays. They can intermarry with humans. Tall grays are seven to eight feet tall and often work as ambassadors. They are from the Orion constellation. The Alpha Draconians are very corrupt. They are fourteen to Twenty-two feet tall and have hidden societies all over Earth. They think they are the galaxies first conscience species. Native Reptilians are actually not aliens. They live here and we should be kind to them. They may have been dropped off by other aliens thousands of years ago. Our solar system is more full than we know. Two of the planets here, Hekimobty and Jupiter, crashed in 1709 and created Nibiru. The Annukai moved there and shoot at the Draconians whenever they come close, thus guarding us. Another story takes a more sympathetic view: There are three groups of “aliens”, Traders, Travelers, and Other lesser guys. Traders have been around infantrillions of years which is possible because of time changing all over and around. Time is just a reference for reality. They know that all nature revolves around one conscience(The Force)and they have helped the world stay stable. The Traders also have a group consciousness and no names. The planet they come from was eaten by their power source, a black hole. Now they preserve all life in the universe and are sometimes called Zetas. Their friends, Travelers, are similar looking but their job is to find the ultimate SAFE power source. Other creatures like Mantis Beings are helpful to the main guys. The Manti freeze you so the Zetas can copy tour DNA and send you back safely. Reptilians are related to us and are very advanced. Nordics are similar to Nordic humans and study our culture. Now for our next Pop Source, Chupacabras are semi-human and semi-grey. Draco Reptilians have many minions such as Draco-borgs, mind controlled and Drago-worms. Ikels are satyr-like aliens under South America. Men in Black are creatures that tell people to hush up for some reason. They are either government, figments of sub-conscience or androids. Whag that was long!



This is a crop circle.

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Mother Nature communicating or alien landing pad?

Well, That’s all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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These guys are awesome

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