List of Mythical Creatures

Hello everyone! I’ve been looking around on the web and I noticed there isn’t a lot of mythical creature lists with more than a few more common ones. So, I am going to do a series of posts, each with ten mythical, folkloric, fantasy, or cryptic creatures. we’ll go from most common to rarest.



From Greek and Roman literature. These are pretty common for big scary monsters. They are depicted with varying combinations of Goat, Lion, and Serpent body parts. There can be just one at a time, or it can be a whole species, depending on how true you want to stay to the original myths. They breath fire.



A fanged manatee, basically. They are evil spirits living in Australia. Being Water Monsters, they tend to live in swamps and rivers, reaching up from the depths to drown evil people. They can be heard making eerie noises at night.




A variant is the Ice Mongolian Death Worm.

These guys pop up from the sand and EAT YOU. Combining fear of Worms, fear of giant things, and fear of things rising up from the sand. May be related to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Were-worms in a fantasy setting, in science fiction they will be more like the things in Dune.




Japanese spirits. Although originally they were green birds, now they are monkeyfolk with tiger legs and a snake body. Because of this, the word sometimes means a creature with an unknown true form. They can disappear in a puff of smoke and bring you bad luck. Whether they are good or evil, they are certainly awesome.



A cryptid dog thing. They are from Mexico and the name means goat sucker. They suck goat blood. Sometimes people think they are aliens-wolf hybrids, other times they are more of a hairless coyote. They hop like kangaroos.



Hippocampus are literally sea horses. They are half horse and half fish.

They are from Greek and Roman mythology, but there are similar things all over the place. Poseidon, or King Neptune, is the “god” of horses and the sea, so this creature is his mascot. Usually depicted in Merpeople settings, alongside sea serpents and Kraken, Mermaids, talking fish, and maybe Sirens.




The Calydonian Boar was a giant boar with spikes on it’s back. It was sent as a punishment from the goddess Artemis to punish Calydon for not honoring her.

It was one of the many evil boars in mythology.




The Jersey Devil is similar to the Chupacabra in a lot of ways. They are both cryptids, they both are depicted many different ways, both sometimes are aliens, and both are evil creepy things. The Jersey Devil has a kangaroo like head, bat wings, cloven hooves, and a forked tail. Basically, it’s an upgraded Shoulder Devil or Imp.

The folk legend is that a lady named Mother Leeds had twelve children. When she had a thirteenth baby, she knew it would be unlucky, maybe even be a devil. She was right, because as soon as it was born it killed the midwife, flew up through the chimney (like Santa??!!), and proceeded to chase the townsfolk around screeching. They had to make the preacher chase it away.

Some suspect that Leeds was a Witch, and thus Jersey Devil’s father was Satan. That for me is getting a bit dark.

Benjamin Franklin may have started the story as a way to get back at his almanac publisher rival, Daniel Leeds, by saying that he was the Devil. Later it spread as a ghost story. The legend is similar to the goatman, based on satyrs or fauns, a subtrope of Puck, Pan, or Peter Pan.




The Sewer Croc is one of the stereotypical “Myths: Debunked!” things that ‘experts’ think the common people are ridiculous for believing in. I don’t like those type of books, by the way, because they never give any good evidence and make statements that, well, are a LITTLE too depending on the opinions of scientists. If you like them, that’s… OK. Anyway, the sewer croc is the idea that all these people had illegal pet alligators and when they started to get big, they flushed them down the John.

These survive, reproduce, and soon you have a whole race of mutant and albino crocodiles running around in the sewer. The idea is to scare little kids that when they are sitting on the toilet, a crocodile will bite them on the bottom.

hiram 9



Sea marsupials are the sea equivalent of Kangaroos and Koalas. Like the Hippocamp, they are often found in mer villages. The scarier version of the Koala one is a Mer-dropbear. On land, dropbears are bad enough. The hide in trees, then drop down and attack you. In water, they pop the hull of the boat, leap out of the water, or swim at divers.



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