List of Mythical Creatures page 9

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Anyway, here are ten Spirits of the Unknown.



Lightning Beings (or Energy Beings) are a common thing in science fiction. They are just a being made out of lightning. These usually will electrocute for their main weapon and if they are really big, they will probably cause a  disturbance in the power and will be hard to locate on the radar.

ultimate electro




A real classic. These come in all forms, from invisible poltergeists to friendly ghosts to semi-transparent relatives that are back from the dead and coming for you. What these are is the spirits of dead people that still walk the Earth. They can come back to the world of the living for a number of reasons. It could be for revenge, it could be to serve as a spirit guide for a descendant, maybe they didn’t even realize they’re dead, or they just hate anyone that’s still alive and want to make them be ghosts too.

In Harry Potter, ghosts are wizards that are too afraid of what lies beyond death, so they arrange for themselves to become ghosts. Often, they regret this later. Part of the reason ghosts are so common is because Ghost is such a general term. There are Specters, Poltergeists, Will o’ the Wisps, and a lot more that are coming soon to the collective list so I won’t spoil them.

For more information on undead in general, go here.

hi kids! Im Casper the freindly ghost



Banshees are Irish spirits (notice that an alternate spelling is Bansidhe) that have many common spirit traits, but are mainly known for their wailing. They are an omen of death, so if you are about to die, you may hear a Banshee going “Waaaaaaaaaail” in the distance. In some modern fantasy their cry actually causes death by being so high pitched, but choose whatever They have the appearance of a ghostly woman in long black robes to show mourning.





Halflings are Hobbits. But, the Tolkien family wasn’t going to let Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) use that name. So they called them Halflings. Originally, Halflings were just like Tolkien Hobbits. They were quiet folk, ate a lot of snacks, drank a lot of tea. But when D&D noticed that a lot of people were playing their halflings as nomad groups exploring the great wilderness, so that side of them is now featured on their page at

Im a little fuzzy man, fuzzy man, fuzzy man.


The Septer is a spirit that takes the form of a ghost, but is really a separate entity. They are usually friendly, and tend to live in graveyards. In a fantasy setting, these can be used to explain why people see ghosts. Unless ghosts are real in that world, in which case they can just be cool people you meet in a graveyard.


vat is the point ov being a world famous quiddich player
These type of things. These are not actual septers though. Septers are a very rare fantasy creature.




These aren’t really spirits, but I put them in here anyway because they usually hang out with evil spirits and other foul creatures. Anyway, Gorgons in Greek mythology were three sisters who lived in a cave. Their names were Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale.

The most famous one is Medusa, who has snakes growing instead of hair, and if you look at her eyes you turn to stone (kind of like what happens if you see a basilisk in the mirror).

The other sisters usually have the same description, but sometimes they are each a different kind of hideous spirit. When this happens, Stheno will have bat wings and a lizard of toad like head; and Euryale is really blob-like.

As a species, Gorgons will typically spit venom, have snake hair, and have bat wings.

(Bat wings are a universal sign of evil)


gorgons (duh)
Is it just me or do these look like Weeping Angels?





Hags are the typical old-creepy-lady-living-in-the-woods. (OCLLITW) They can also live in swamps, making them OCLLITS. They typically have green skin, long stringy hair, and for good measure a giant wart on the nose. When these are their own species, making them- oh never mind- they kidnap young girls and transform them into the next hag generation.

I live in your room and am always watching you even right as you read this! Turn around...
I live in your closet and am always watching you, even as you read this. Turn around…




The Specter is an evil spirit. Unlike a ghost, they don’t haunt you, but they are an apparition. They don’t talk, or scream, or rattle their chains, they just stand their looking terrified (and terrifying!). In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, there is at least one specter in the crowd of creatures watching Jadis kill Aslan. Lucy and Susan can feel in gliding past them “like a cold wind”.

YIKES! Let's get out of here Scoob!




Bleurs are spirits living in the attic that occasionally capture kids. They aren’t really that scary looking, they just look like a blur, but they are deadly. Not seen in the wild. They prefer to stay in their bigger on the inside hidden attic cubby.





Momsters are obviously just a joke. It’s the word Mom combined with Monster. Haha. But, it would still be a good fantasy creature for a bestiary. Also that would be a cool name for a movie.

garbage fun

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