Dragon Species Guide

It seems that no matter how many things I write about dragons, I  can never quite exhaust the subject. (I dunno, maybe my readers think I have)

So, I thought it would be fun to make a list of dragon species, including such honorable drakes such as the Knucker and the Incognito.

The European Dragon. This is the classic dragon, with green or red scales, fire breath, and giant wings. Oh, they also hoard treasure.


The Knucker. These come from Beowulf and are a sort of small water dragon. They can fly but not very well, as their wings are so small. They like to steal small objects and trash from nearby houses.

knicker-knucker- nicker- stealer-steeler-realpeoplestealpeople-kidnap-steal-take-drake

The Gargouille. Although in the legend the Gargouille is a monstrous water dragon, they are often, because their name sounds like Gargoyle, used as these small mischievous dragons that live right alongside humans in cities and pretend to be statues when looked at.

stealing a snack

The Frost Dragon. This is a common way to get a cool fantasy creature. Just take a mythical creature, and put in in the snow! It will also have snow camouflage. These breathe blasts of ice and not fire.dragonlogy

The Basilisk. This is sometimes a dragon, but because of Harry Potter it is now usually a really big snake.

Hairy and the Heandersons

The Dwarf Dragon. We are seeing more and more of these. With the How to Train Your Dragon books, these skyrocketed (I am reading the books again because of the Norse Mythology Fuse lit in my brain from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer). What they are is just a dragon, made bite sized! If you want to introduce a character as being more on the awesome side of fantastical stuff, give him one of these. They can hunt, be cute, be a guard dog, and serve as comedy relief.

maha 49

The Wyvern. The Wyvern is one of the coolest creatures. These are being used more and more lately, to combat the Smaug stereotype European dragon. They have only two legs, making them more realistic and like normal animals I suppose, and are just really, really, cool. There is also the sea-wyvern, a good choice I suppose for someone why wantssss a new name for Sssssssssea Serpentssssss.

fandom wiki.png

The Ryu. These are cool because they can read. They are quite humanoid actually, marking a splitting off in modern dragon lore from the monster dragons.

this is so cool

The Lindworm. This is a really cool dragon that has no wings and only two legs. They are desert or grassland dragons, small, and are one step away from being just a plain snake.


The Hydra. These are sometimes considered the original dragon, and are from what some would call Classical Mythology (Greek and Roman). They have three heads, some even have seven. Each head works together to catch and eat prey, which ranges from bunny rabbits to wandering heroes to other giant monsters they share the Lerna Valley wasteland with.


The Marsupial dragon. These funny Australian dragons are really quite peaceful. They aren’t very popular- Dragonology is the main thing that uses them.


The Incognito. This dragon is almost more of a fairy. Nobody knows what they look like, and they are very mysterious. Also they are very awesome. Although Incognito is a dragon in the How to Train Your Dragon video game, Rise of Berk, this guy is actually a Changewing. So, not a species in that universe. They are a species in Dragon Story, where they are dragons that disguise as another dragon.


The Cockatrice. This is not necessarily a dragon, but it is often considered a pseudo-dragon. They are what happens (in the legend) when a chicken egg is taken in by a toad and raised by it. They hate weasels and Basilisks. They breath poison, screech deafeningly loud, and have a very Tash-like general frightening aura.

not with the theme but still dang cool

The Sea Serpent. The Sea Serpent is so common I probably might as well not describe it to you. And anyway, it’s name should be a pretty good guide. It is a serpent living in the sea. They are related to the lake serpent, AKA Nessie, AKA Oshme, etc. The Sea Serpent is known for wrapping around the ship and squeezing it. They can be seen wrestling with the Kraken.sea

Another mythical creature that is sometimes considered a dragon is the Naga. These are evil creatures with a dragon tail and a human head on top of it, although sometimes they are just half human half snake.


Then, there are a lot of dragons with copyrights on them, like those in How to Train your Dragon, Harry Potter, and Dragonology that are only in one work. The ones listed above are ones that are all over the place, and thus I can tell they aren’t copyrighted.

mark means

To make a work mainly concerned with dragons, it is practically a requirement that you make a whole bestiary of dragons. That is why I keep writing more articles about them, because there is so much baggage to the draconic race.

For further reading, there is this link to go to. LINK And if you like stories, here are some. Story 1 Story 2. Next, the Talking Animal Authority!!!

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  1. If I had a choice to pick any dragon to be my personal favorite, it would have to be the European Dragon. It has the looks and attitude that a dragon should have. I didn’t they steal small objects (which could be shiny objects) and trash! They are just like crows and ravens then! Hmmmmm….come to think of it, the raven in the movie Maleficent shape-shifts into a European Dragon, so in essence, it all makes perfect sense!

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