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This fascinating troll subspecies exists for the sole reason that Everything is Better with Horns. These are the more traditional folklore trolls, as opposed to Cave Trolls or Mountain Trolls, which are usually Tolkienesqe.




These are creepy trolls that have slime on them and rise slowly out of the misty murky water. Often these will have an army of alligatorfolk or something. A lot of times these are based on Grendel’s mom.




These are the more Elvin type of troll. Sometimes called Tomte, these trolls are funny little men who live in caves.

A nice troll family reunion.



Anyone who has been following this blog for a long time has probably heard of Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse mythology. For those of you who haven’t, here’s a quick recap.

There are nine worlds on Yggdrasil:

Midgard land of men,runes. sold. Nilfheim land of Spectres, Nilfs, and cold,niflheim

Jotunheim land of giants,jotun baby loki is cool thor ragnarok

Alfheim land of the light alfs,alfheim, elfhome, is in every garden

Asgard land of the gods (thor and loki and odin),


Vanaheim home of the Vanir (secondary gods who in reality are from an even more ancient religion, and in Norse mythology they are from a previous Age.),

Like Fell Beasts. these are fromm a previous Eon, Maybe the Primordial forest.png

Musplheim home of the muspls and the Fire Illi Adin,

Myrkheim home of the Dokkl (dwarfs),


and Svartlheim home of the Svartl (Dark Elfs).*

Quenya or Sindarin

Tolkien, who often used mythology for his stories (he was, in fact, trying to write a “mythology”), used Svartl as the inspiration for his Moriquendi. Also, D&D, Elder Scrolls, and Warhammer all use some variant of “Dark Elves”, whether Drow, Dumner, or some other Thin Cover Up Name**.


*There is some controversy over what the last world is. Some say Svartl and Dokkl are the same thing, but sometimes both their worlds are mentioned in cosmology lists so I think they are separate. Also sometimes the Tenth world is Hevn, but that’s a Biblical Illusion that doesn’t really fit. Also, one world might be Hel, and that IS IN the legends, but it’s pretty similar to Nilfheim. But this is getting to deep into the technical stuff.

**BTW, I don’t think the thin cover up names are actually to disguise the fact that these are dark elves, it’s mainly to make it so the fan feels a depth to the fantasy world.




Boggles are basically your classic Slimy Evil Cringing Minion. They’re similar to Bugs, Boggarts, Bogs, Boggy Bones, and Bugeiries. Basically, all those creatures are interchangeable, but to put a finger on a specific one, in this case Boggles, we will look at what comes up when you Google them.

OK, what came up was some sort of word search game, so let’s Google “Boggle Folklore”


google has it
Some sort of ghost in an old fashioned hat.



maha 61
A mischievous boggle, also wearing a cool hat.
maha 62
A cartoony one.
maha 63
A pan/satyr/puck interpretation
maha 64
Stringy Jack type thing.
maha 65
Dramatic boggle.



maha 66
Oh this little fellow is cute.


It seems like nobody has really decided what boggles look like. But maybe that’s because they’re shape shifters. So, boggles are a cool creature that isn’t too common, and it might be cool to have them as a fantasy race.




Also called Ratfolk or skaven, these are common in many genres. They usually live in like the sewers or something, and often have a Japanese style culture for some reason. A lot of people think that rats are gross (I think they’re kind of cute myself) rats and vultures are cayute

so these are often drooling slime and with one eye missing and stuff.

skaven also includes Goatfolk




The werewolf is a classic monster. He is in lots of old movies (sometimes called Wolfman even though the literal translation of werewolf is Manwolf) and also is in Lord of the Rings, although Tolkien, as with his use of vampires, probably just used the word Werewolf for it’s modern wolf monster connotations.


frankenstein is a human you jellyfish brained goofusi
Manwolf, second from the left.





Same as with skaven, these are more modern fantasy creatures, although in Greek Mythology Zeus made some. Usually hardworking and with a hive mind thing.

And this is different from Antman the superhero.

this cool guy with a swordhaha 5




In Jewish folklore, Golems are made by wizards as servants. They are created by casting a spell on a human shaped clay statue.

In Minecraft there are two kinds, Snow Golems and Iron Golems. They protect villagers, Steve, Dogs, and Alex.

maha 67




In many fantasy worlds, orcs are bad guys. “Orcs” in Tolkien’s world is the Gondolin word for Goblin. (e.g. Orcrist=Goblin Cleaver) These are one variant. For more on Orcs, go here.



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