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Today on ImaginaryCreatureAuthority, we present Ten Mythical Creatures! These are ten Spirits of the Unknown.

These today are mostly Evil Foul creatures.




The winged pig is a mythical creature that can either be an unclean spirit (probably has to do with pigs being unclean animals in Jewish culture) or funny cute creatures. (e.g. When Pigs Fly)

maha 68 v.s. the pork side




In original Middle Eastern folklore, Ifrits are fire demons. Basically Balrogs. Islamic religion holds them to be a “class” of Jinn.

goat thang.png




Ghosts or Evil Spirits that use Slime to mind control their victims.

creepy thang.png




These are creepy old ladies that got in too deep with ghosts and things. They are permanently mutated by evil spirits, so they live alone with fifty or so cats.


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These phantoms breathe poisonous gas everywhere they go. They are very creepy.





In mythology, death heads are hideous and gross creatures. They are skulls with their guts trailing behind them. (yeah, gross.) The name death head just means skull in general, but this is a specific creature. A variant is the Vampire Pumpkin, a pumpkin with guts trailing behind it.

creep 17



OK, let’s take a break from all this creepiness.


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Everyone feel better? OK, here we go.




These are skeleton monsters of any sort, other than human. For instance a skeleton dragon.

bone monster




We all know what vampires are. Blood sucking monsters that turn into bats.

derp 2




These are basically the giraffe version of ghosts.

maha 69




From Norse mythology, this is one type of creature living in Jotunheim. The others are Jotuns, Ettins, Vulture-headed-giants, Wolf-headed-giants, Warks, Ice Giants, Fire Giants, Rock Giants, and their servants trolls. One was married to Loki, in some versions. They live in the Iron Wood with the Troll-wives.


witch of thought
Technically this is a witch of thought, but whatever.



And so there is a deeply weird list of mythical creatures! If you are new to the blog, find the first page of the list Here. And if you are very confused, go to the about page, but that might not help much. And whether you are a newcomer or an old subscriber, please subscribe for more! Also comment. And like. And share.




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2 thoughts on “List of Mythical Creatures page 12”

  1. You might mention that Witches are mentioned in the Bible. Yes to possessed and evil. The tv show vampires pic was fun. The show was very kampy. Maybe the best spoof was that the vampire actor was Jewish with a New York accent. The writers were probably getting paid minimum wage based on the scripts. But always fun to have on Black&White Tv on Halloween !


  2. I saw a winged pig on Fox News. Lots of them. It was Congress flying out of Washington for August Vacations!


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