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Dedicated to my great grandma Bettie and her love for animals. She has passed away.

Chapter one. Where I was born.

I was born on a farm where a girl loved me very much. The farm was a nice place. The first place I knew. And the girl was so nice. They called her bets but her real name was Bettie. Bettie loved me much. She took as good a care of me as any rabbit could wish for. But things would change. Bettie loved to play with me but not Mrs. Ann’s kids. Bettie’s mom was good friends with Mrs. Ann. One day she said she would like a pet bunny so Bettie’s mom promised her one for $7.00 only. She picked me! I did not want to go home with Mrs. Ann and her three pesky children, Kate, Jo and Michel. When Bettie heard the news she cried.

Chapter 2.   the second home.

Kate brought me home that day. (or at least her home. it would never be my true home.) She picked me up very roughly. One day Mrs. Ann told Kate to put me out in the portable cage to eat grass. Kate made a face and said no! “Excuse me?” Mrs. Ann said sharply. Surprised at her mother’s tone of voice Kate replied by taking me out of my cage and plopping me in the other cage outside. She went back in the house.

Chapter 3. rain.

It was raining now. Cold rain. The worst kind. I felt bad. “Sick” as the humans call it. I stood there for a while. Until a robin noticed me. He said; “do you want help?” “do I!” I said a bit impatiently. Soon a car came by and the robin banged against the window until the car stopped.

Chapter 4. help.

A lady stepped out. “Silly robin” she said. “You’ll get hurt!” Then a voice a smaller voice said, “mom a rabbits in their yard it must be cold!” The lady turned her head and made a face. “Poor thing” she cooed gently. “Come” she said. The girl stepped out of the car. She picked me up and brought me to the door. Didn’t they know? Obviously I did not want to go back with them.

Chapter 5. Escape.

They rang the doorbell. Mrs. Ann stepped out. “Oh!” She said. Then she glared at Kate who was trying to look innocent. Then even before Mrs. Ann spoke I jumped. A Jump with all my might. Straight out of her arms. Behind me I could hear voices. “Why did you not hold her tighter?” That was foolish Kate. Then her mother. “You’re the one who left him out in the rain.”

Chapter 6. a night in the meadows.

I ran till I was quite tired. They were far behind. I could see the meadows which I knew meant I was near to Bettie’s house. I was so tired and it was nearly night. So I would continue tomorrow. I settled down in a patch of grass in the meadows. I missed Bettie. But I was glad I was not in the arms of Kate. I must be careful or they would find me. Soon after I thought these thoughts I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 7. what tomorrow brought.

The next day I woke up feeling something was wrong. Then I realized I went to bed with nothing to eat. But I was sure Bettie would feed me when I got home. I walked and ran walked and ran till I was near home. Now it was the afternoon. I came to the house I stepped unto I saw the porch. Then my old friend Lain saw me. “You are back, did you run away”. “yes”. I said. “but where’s Bettie?” “she’s gone.” Then I panicked. “What!” “Whoa! I meant She’s just gone some were with her mom.” So I went on the front porch. I waited.


Chapter 8. Bettie again.

I guess I waited there about 45 minutes. But finally she came. The look on her face I will never forget. A mixture of love, joy, and surprise. “Oh penny!” She exclaimed. (I guess I’ve never told you that that was my name.) They asked Mrs. Ann if Bettie could keep me. She said since Kate left me out in the rain, she said yes. Years pasted I lived in joy with Bettie. I was about 1 when I was sold and I lived with Bettie 8 years so far. And I feel I am dying. But I lived a good life with Bettie.



Meg’s dog

By Marie means.

Chapter 1. two ordinary people. (or I guess “creature’s”)

One ordinary nick name, one ordinary girl, house, school, and life in general. Or at least that is what she thought about herself. but really no one’s completely ordinary. Well it started off like a regular day. It was a regular day. She woke up. Ate her usual cereal. Got ready for school. Waited for the bus. Finally the bus came. She got on. sat by herself with the usual taunting behind her. The bus got to school and she got off. Going to her class room. The whole time she hardly thought. She ate her lunch. And went back to her class room till the slow bus brought her home. She ate dinner and went to bed. Night had come. Meg was asleep but she woke up suddenly. She looked around and listened. She heard a noise like wining. To prove to you that Meg had some sort of personality I’ll tell you she did get up to look at what was at the window. And she saw a dog. She stood there just looking. The dog was big with scruffy brown hair. She went back to bed. The next day the same thing happened. Till she told her mom.

Chapter 2. Something extraordinary.

Her mom said they should bring him to the animal shelter but meg strongly disagreed. Her mom was very surprised she never took much interest in animals. It was clear Meg really wanted this dog. The McGee’s never had a pet. But they were starting to question that. Mr. McGee had really fallen in love with the dog. But Mrs. McGee was questionable. I guess I should tell you more about the McGee’s. They had just moved to a little house with about an archer of land. That is probably one of the reasons why they had no pets. They had been feeding the dog for about 5 days. Mr. and Mrs. McGee decided they needed to make a decision about this dog. But one thing was clear, this dog was special. This theory started when Meg let the dog in the kitchen. She was recently playing with a hula-hoop and left it in the kitchen. The dog was nudging the hula-hoop so Meg picked this up. The dog jumped through the hula-hoop. This is not so special but this happened a lot after that. Meg would be holding an object and the dog would do a trick with it. Meg told her parents. They said that meant the dog had a previous owner. They also said Meg could keep it. Meg was very exited. But Meg was wondering who had had the dog and if they would still want her.

Chapter. 3 Milly’s previous life.

Milly was the dog’s name before she was adopted. Now it was Brown sugar. Sug for short. Sug’s old owner was a boy named Jeffry. Jeffry was good and trained her how to do tricks. But his little sister was a different story. Jeffry became busy and had no more time for Sug. Lidia (Jeffry’s little sister.) Soon took control of Sug. She was a nightmare. Sug (of course.) Would runaway any chance she got. Linda would pull his tail, some times forget to take Sug out, and she would always blame her messes on Sug. One day Linda let Sug out on accident. Sug ran away as fast as she could. She ran and ran until she came to a nice little house. Meg’s house. She waited there until Meg noticed her. For some reason Sug had a weird feeling. She just felt like this was the right place.

Chapter 4. Meg’s first friend.

One day Meg was practicing tricks with Sug when a girl came by. Her name was Ellen. Ellen really liked dogs. “Oh what a talented dog!” She exclaimed. “Can I pet her!” Meg nodded her head awkwardly. She did not really have much experience with this sort of thing so you can’t really blame her. Ellen had seen Meg at school before and she thought she had looked lonely. So she decided she would try to make friends. Plus she could use a friend to. “I’ve seen you at school before but I never thought you had a dog before.” Poor Ellen. She was really trying. But Meg just nodded her head again. “Well maybe I’ll see you and your dog tomorrow”. “By the way what’s her name?” “Sug.” Said Meg. “OK By again!” said Ellen as she started of the drive way. Meg smiled at Sug and whispered; “Thanks Sug I think I Just made my first friend!” “But I’m afraid I might have been a bit rude”. “I hope she did not care.” And she did not. Indeed she did come again and again. And a friendship started to bloom.

Chapter 5. The talent show.

On a bright sunny Tuesday after school Meg went over to Ellen’s house. She told her mother were she was going and pranced of with Sug at her heels. When she got there she greeted Ellen in her usual way. “Hey Ellen.” She said. “Got something to tell me?” “Yep”. “Told Ann to tell ya.” Ellen said with a wave of her hand to show Meg to “follow”. Ellen walked to the front porch door and walked in. Meg sat with Ellen and Ellen flipped open here fairly large notebook. “Cool.” Cooed Meg and Ellen explained. “You probably know the talent show is coming up…….” Suddenly Meg got very nervous. “No No No!” she said suddenly. Seeing how surprised Ellen looked she said quickly said, “I’m just nervous about performing”. Ellen nodded understandably. “That’s OK I’ll be there so will be Sug”. “I just thought we could preform some of his tricks”. “Any way here’s a copy of the thing I drew”. Practice these and will meet same time next week that is if your okay with that”. “Sure”. Said Meg. Meg went home with the paper in her hand.

Chapter 6. super Sug!

For 2 weeks every day after school Meg would go over to Ellen’s house to practice. Sug would jump through the hula-hoop, walk on the balance-beam, jump on Ellen’s little sister’s miniature trampoline, stand on two legs, walk on Ellen’s and Meg’s back, crawl through the pink tunnel, and last of all when Ellen said “what’s two plus two” or 10 plus 10 Sug would bark how many times the answer equaled. After they practiced all this Meg suddenly said, “are dogs allowed in the school cafeteria!” Ellen looked up from praising Sug and said “I never thought about that I hope it’s won’t be a problem.” “Well maybe we should get permission.” “Good idea.” Meg said. “Why don’t we do that tomorrow?” “Sure.” Said Meg well she started to leave. Meg walked home hoping that they would be still able to perform their show.                                                                                       The next day was Saturday and Meg went over to Ellen’s house and they went to the school. “All right about this?” Said Ellen. “Cause’ you look worried.” “Well.” Said Meg. “are you sure were allowed to be doing this?” Well I told my mom and you did yours.” “I now but, I mean will he be there?” “Oh Meg!” Exclaimed Ellen. “can’t you say these things earlier?” “Sorry.” Said Meg. “Let’s just see if he’s there.” So they walked to the school and they saw their principle Mr. Tayler. “Good morning Mr. Tayler!” said Ellen who was making Meg nervous. “We have something to tell you!” “Sure.” Said Mr. Tayler. “I your dog.” “Thanks!” Said Ellen. “we’d like to ask you if we can perform an act with are dog”. “Sure.” He said. “Under one condition.”

Chapter 7. Sug becomes popular.

The lights were diming and the talent show was starting. The principle had really liked the girl’s performance. He had praised the girl’s creativeness and thought Sug was very well behaved. The girls were proud. Especially Meg. Now the first performers stepped on the stage. It was some Shakespeare play they had shortened a lot and turned into a skit. The show went on in till it was Meg’s and Ellen’s turn. So far the talent show manly consisted of skits. Meg walked on the stage holding Sug’s leash and Ellen started to talk. “Hello!” said Ellen joyfully. “This is my friend Meg and her dog Sug and were going to show you what Sug can do.” “Are you ready Sug?” “Okay!” Said Ellen laughing as Sug barked as they had taught him to do. “I take that as a yes!” Ellen said. “Hope ya’ll enjoy.” She said as she stepped back. Then Sug preformed. Sug did great as many people said afterward. Meg was Happy but suddenly she felt a tang of sadness. She had always knew there was shelter dogs and homeless dogs that needed adopted but now she felt it more than ever. Right before there act ended she whispered in in Ellen’s ear, “Can I say something?” “Sure.” Said Ellen very surprised. She would have never guessed Meg to ask something like that. Meg stepped on the stage. “I just want you to know Sug is a dog off the street.” Meg said. “Homeless dogs and shelter dogs are great to.” After the performance Meg, Sug and Ellen got lots of compliments. And Sug got pretty popular.    

Chapter 8. “Project 2”.

Now that the talent show was over Meg was not sure what to do during her visit to Ellen’s. Neither did Ellen. Until one-day. That day Meg and Ellen were taking a walk and Carly said. “I’m going to get a dog soon.” “And I hope It’s like Sug.” This was not too surprising to the girls since Carly was a naturally friendly girl. “Awesome!” Replied Ellen. “Maybe we could help you pick it out said Meg looking at Ellen. They Knew exactly what to do. “Sure!” Said Carly. “That would be great!” So it was decided they should meet at Ellen’s house tomorrow after asking their mom. Carly as told, met the girls there and talked about what they were to do. They looked online and saw the perfect dog. His name was Jack and he was a scruffy little dog with black hair. (Much like Charlie if you know who I’m talking about.) He was supposed to be put to sleep soon if no one would adopt him. It was settled that the girls would meet him on Friday and Ellen’s mom (who now knew Carly’s and Meg’s mom very well.) Would take them there. And hopefully Carly (probably) would adopt him.

Chapter 9. Jack and Sug.

Sug and Jack were best friends. (Much like Daisy and Charlie.) And Carly’s family seemed to really like Jack. Meg was still beaming from what one of the workers had said. “We could use some people like you.” Meg remembered. “Do you and Ellen realize you saved Jack’s life with The Saddar’s help of course.” Then she asked the girls if they would do that more often. And they did. They saved 58 dogs there first year and they did about that much all the years until they were all grown up.

15 years later……. Meg and Ellen looked out the window that over looked the huge sanctuary Meg and Ellen had started after they got out of college. It was one of the largest and most popular sanctuaries for dogs that would have been put down. The touching story of Meg and Sug was also famous. And it all started with a noise outside Meg’s door.

Authors note.

I hope you’ll take this story to heart and adopt a dog or even another animal in need. And I hoped you enjoyed the touching story of Sug and how he helped Meg have a friend and change the world.

(This is not a true story.)

Pinafore woods.

By Marie Means. 

1.The Man and Billy wolf

The friendly Ent Bridger guarded Pinafore woods with great care and lovingness. For no human had ever entered Pinafore woods. * Jackie the rabbit was looking for food when her mother Jo Ann came out with the daily paper. “I thought you’d be interested.” She said handing her the paper. It said, Man nearly came in are woods!         Are dear Bridger may have some trouble! The Man was also heard to have said something about killing Billy the wolf!                                                                                                     “I’m kind of glad!” Said Jackie. “I don’t like Billy.” “Yes.” Said her mother. “But killing is just part of nature if you got to do it to eat.” “Plus.” She continued. “We don’t want men in are woods.” Pinafore woods buzzed with excitement. Birds chirped, bears bellowed, and the wolves were careful to always have a lookout. Marcy the female wolf who was Billy’s wife was especially worried. One day when Marcy was walking she heard shouts of “Is that him!” “Aye.” Another one said. “That brat!” “Picked a fight with are best dog!” “Empty clamshells and old seaweed!” pronounced Marcy. “That’s why!” “Wonder why he never told me!” “I suppose I never asked!” She scuttled through bushes and under growth as fast as she could to warn all of Pinafore woods. Marcy had been out of the woods when she walking but she feared soon the humans would come through the woods. “Take cover the humans are coming!” She yelled over and over again as she ran through the woods. Finally everybody had heard and Macy ran into her house and ran to her husband. “Why did you pick a fight with the ugly man’s dog?” She said. “I’m starting to think he has a good reason to shoot you!” “Oh Marcy.” Said Billy who did not enjoy when his wife was mad. “He was starting to hurt Minnie.”

Bridger was doing his best. First he had tried using simple magic he Knew to scare them but they only shouted, “I’ve heard that this wood was haunted.” And, “If we don’t kill that wolf he’ll keep attacking Bounce.” Suddenly Bridger knocked them down with a swing of his enormous limb that served as an arm. The small tribe of men finally ran away but Bridger had a feeling they would be back. And they did. Meanwhile All was back to normal in Pinafore woods.                                                                                                                                   Jackie was playing one bright morning a few days after Bridger’s fight with the humans. Suddenly she heard noises like humans and she thought that must be what it was. Curiosity got the best of her and she wondered towards the place she had heard voices. “Shush!” One of the humans said. “I feel like someone’s watching us!” Jackie froze. The man (who was quite ugly.) stuck his face out of the shrubbery and yelled, “Rabbit!” “Let’s eat it for dinner!”

All the men followed him with their gun. Bam! Bam! Went the guns but every time the missed. Because a wall of magic was out stopping the guns. The Ent the Ent thought Jackie. He would protect her. Guns, they were forbidden in the ancient book that’s magic wrapped around the forest. That book was Bridger’s. And Bridger spun the magic and strung the magic around the woods and cared for the magic. “What?” Thought Bridger. “a gun in my forest?” “Un heard of.” He had been peacefully doing what he did every day. But something, some force of magic told everything that had happened that day. The Ent knew he must protect this woods. Suddenly the Ent appeared right in front of Jackie and every one froze. This is that tree! Thought all the men looking up at Bridger. “Put down those guns!” Yelled Bridger. That yell deep and very loud summand every animal in pinafore woods gathered around the humans who had dropped their guns “I fought you before not long ago and I beat you but you came back!” Bridger said. “We will give you no mercy as we did before!” “Animals take the gun’s far away and I will put these men in my house that well serve as a jail.” After this no other man or women entered the woods for they believed whoever did would perish.

. 2. Daily life and small adventures.

As it is only fair to tell you just a bit about daily life in Pinafore woods and that is what I’ll do. Hopefully it is not to boring. They live like most animals but they have a daily newspaper, city council, president, and a lot of things a city or country had. So as you may have noticed that changed their life a lot. They live in a house that is appropriate for their kind of animal their house is furnished in things people have. That’s why Pinafore animals are so special. Here is a list of their daily doings. 1. Wake up and get ready eat breakfast. 2. Daily lessons. 3. Free time. 4. lunch time. 5. Help out time. (other known as cleaning time nooooooo!) 6.Time to do your own thing. 7. Play outside. 8. Bed time.

That’s their regular event list but also the would go places or visit friends.

They had a city council and such but they did not have roller skating rings, Advanced toys, swimming pools, large paved roads, (Only roads non paved and small.) And other things me and you would have. they had politicians, shops, daily newspaper and doctors and that was about all. I think this about enough on daily life. Don’t you?

Now let’s talk about a small something that happened to make Pinafore woods a bit more sophisticated and special.

The first animals in Pinafore woods were special because of this. One day a fine spring day Bridger was playing around with magic. Bridger had always been interested in magic. (By the way, in this book Ent’s can move about like in Lord of the rings.) Just then little Bridger saw a large book flipped to a page that read, This startled Bridger who would threaten the mighty Bridger and his strong magic? He could not think who. Surely not a human. But then who else?                                                   At the woods only the usual was happening until suddenly, whether they were playing, gardening, or working felt a great rumble.                                                                                             “Wow!” Cried Jackie who was earlier playing with her little brother. “What was that!” “Well, whatever it was, it calls for an investigation!” “Oh um, by the way” she continued, “Do you want to go inside and play with Brace?” “Yeah!” Said Jackie’s little brother Tom as he ran inside. “All right,” Jackie thought “were should I should go first?” Jackie decided to head toward Bridger’s. “Um, hi!” Jackie started “sorry to disturb you but um, I know your busy doing grand things and all that but,- “What do you want.” Bridger answered firmly but kind. “Did you feel that earthquake?” “Yes, and something else to.” Really?” Jackie answered “Me too.” “make a wood full of thine creation oh maker of woods ”                     Bridger did not notice before he looked at the book it only said, “Make a wood full of thine creation.” “Tap your imagination when saying these words; “a woods oh a woods of mine full of peace and of mine imaginary creatures”. This was too much for this was his dream. He slowly pronounced the words efficiently and imagined. He imagined a forest. That forest was already there its name was little pine. But Bridger imagined its name as Pinafore woods. Everything in Pinafore woods was imagined by Bridger himself. Including the idea of sophisticated animals. Every animal in little pine suddenly I guess you could say a sophisticated brain.


This story does NOT include talking animals

The Mistry of the yard sale.

Macy Abernathy a tall pretty girl, about 11 had two hobbies, helping out at canine ministries a see and eye dog training place and solving mysteries. Little did she know she’d run into one very soon.                                                                           Macy was peddling home from canine ministries into her peaceful subdivision then she saw a sign that said, yard sail 123 brunet lane. “Cool.” She thought. “I’d like to see it.” As Macy peddled she stared at the sunset. Evening was the prettiest time in summer at South Carolina. The weather was fairly cool but still hot enough to enjoy a sprinkler. And that is what Macy did now. She spotted a sprinkler and road up to it enjoying the cool water on her hot face. When she got home she planted herself on the grass with a book. Oh how she loved summer! There were more classes to help out at canine ministries, no school, and more time to be outside! Just then Macy’s mom peaked her head out of the house and smiled saying, “Macy!” “How was the doggy school today!” “Fine mother!” She answered walking to the house. Her mother was a nice, pretty woman who had a part time job, from 8:30 to 3. She had thought it best to not homeschool Macy or send her to public school so she hired a tutor for her only child. The tutor had a huge book she brought for Macy, which had a bit of a lot of subjects all in one. So Macy finished always early. Mostly a half hour before mother came back, which Macy did as she pleased. After dinner Macy fiddled around a bit more then went to bed wondering what tomorrow would bring. Mistry? Yes!

Macy woke up to shouts of, “it’s been stolen, stolen!” and “well at least it was not an important item.” Macy dressed, combed her hair, and hurried outside. “What’s all the commotion!” She asked. “a few small items were stolen including a dogs collar from are yard sale.” Said a small young woman Macy recognized as Mrs.                          Benet. She wore a slender pale pretty pink shirt and a jean skirt. “And we don’t know who.” She added. “But, I did see a strange figure, almost, ghostly!” Said a man Macy did not recognize. Then Mrs. Benet looked at her smiling she asked, “Could you help us?” “I know you are a skilled detective.”                                                                        And of course, Macy said she would.                                                                                                         After canine ministries Macy told John, her friend, 21 years old, to meet her at her house that day. John was Macy’s good friend even though he was much older than her. He worked at canine ministries.                                                                                                                   At Macy’s house she told John all that had happened.                                                                             But their talking was interrupted by a knock on the door.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Everything that happened to Alice that day was bad. School was terrible on account of that new boy at school, Alice blushed with anger every time she thought of him. he tried to fit in, by being mean! All day he taunted her with laughs of: “she’s got an uncle, an uncle that drinks to much!” It so not true! True as, as the story of jack and the bean stock!                                                                                            Then when she got home her mother was not there! That is when she went walking to find her mother her nice sweet mother, much better than her uncle who was not bad but unpleasant, mean, sour, but not a drunkard!                                                           It was then she knocked on Macy’s door she knew Macy not well, but knew she was a nice girl who’d help. “ My mother, she’s missing!” Alice burst out when Macy opened the door.                                 “How mysteries!” Macy said letting Alice in. Macy studied Alice, who was wearing her “Johnsen school” uniform and very bedraggled. It was clear she had been crying. “Do you have someone to take care of you?” Macy wondered. “Yes, my uncle.” Answered Alice. Then Alice explained all that had happened to John and Macy. “Better get back.” Alice said once she’d explained. “My uncle’s probably back.”                                                                 “We’ll be looking, we have another mystery on hand and I believe there connected.” Macy said waving good-bye. Just as Alice was walking back towards her house John shouted, “Phantom!” To heads turned, Macy and Alice. Alice could not believe what she saw. Her mother, dressed in a gleaming white gown that toppled down her body. Her face paler then snow looked at her daughter, almost affectionately! Her lips were bright red and her pretty face stared at the three. Her eyes almost lit up, the brown eyed, short red haired ghost turned and disappeared. Alice burst in to tears the moment the ghost disappeared. “That was my mother!” Alice said through tears. “I know it.” “Don’t be afraid Alice.” Macy said comforting the girl. “Someone is only pretending to be your mother.” But the look on the girl’s face told she was not completely sure.                                                                                                    “Now.” Macy said. “How about a movie and enough of the mystery for today?” “Sure.” Both answered. Macy, John and Alice changed for the movie theatre and Macy called and invited Katie, a girl from canine ministries Macy was just getting to know. Macy was combing through her hair and then she realized she did not have a suspected for pretending to be Alice’s mom to scare the young detectives, and stealing from the yard sale. And stealing a dog’s collar, two old hairbands, and a small “guide to dog’s” booklet. Then as she glanced clock she realized it was time to go.                                                                                     “So who’s this Katie girl?” Asked Alice attempting a smile.                                                                         “Oh, a friend, from canine ministries.” Macy answered. “she’s shadow’s trainer.” “She’s awful tall for her age.” John said looking weary from the long bike ride to the theater, they still had not accomplished. “What are you trying to say?” Asked Macy turning, which was hard to do on a bike. John shrugged.                                                                                                                           “Isn’t this a grand movie?” Asked Alice leaning over her seat, whispering. Macy nodded. “Excuse me, but I’m going to use the restroom.” Katie said, getting up. “Oh me to.” Alice whispered. As the girls left, Macy noticed white powder in Katie’s purse. “Strange.” She thought cleaning up the mess.

When Katie and Alice came back they watched the rest of the show. “See you later, Macy.” Katie said when the movie was over. “Thanks for taking me here, and by the way, don’t go in Shadows kennel he’s really sick and you or your dogs could get the germ.” “Sure.” Answered Macy.

“Home sweet home.” Thought Macy as she read “Nancy drew.” Suddenly she bolted up right. “I know I just saw John at the movie theater but, I need to talk to him.” She could not believe what she just saw. She had been                      reading the, “mystery                                                                                                                                               Of shadow ranch” when she ran into the part where it talked about Nancy discovering how the man had made his horse look like a phantom. He’d use a substance on the horse that made him glow when it was dark. It was called blacking vinaigrette. Instantly she pulled out her I pad from in her purse. She googled, “blacking vinaigrette” apparently there was truly such thing because instantly an article popped up that talked about how it worked, but Macy scrolled down to where it read,

“black vinaigrette is a white powder you rub on

yourself to soften skin. It glows eerily at night.” This was enough for Macy and she went running to John’s house.

“Look!” She panted parking her bike in the front yard of John’s house. John had been washing Jackal, the almost-see-in-eye dog. John strode over and peered at Macy’s I-pad. “Is that the powder that was in Kate’s purse?” John asked “I think so.” Macy added gravely. “But I think some one’s framing it on her, I mean, we saw some really suspicious people, like Mrs. Janis. She runs the movie theater. Plus, I saw some powder on her. She was also at Mrs. Benet’s yard sale.” John nodded and added, “And there was that Mr. Clyde, always asking questions about are mystery hobby. I mean, how did he know that?” “Well there’s only one way to find out- “Look in Shadow’s dog kennel!” Interrupted Alice, who they had not noticed. “Exactly!” Chimed in Macy and John at the same time.

. The ride was very short to canine ministries. When they arrived Macy, John, and Alice parked their bikes in the front lawn and Macy lead the small procession inside. Their inside stood Mrs. Janis! Macy held her finger to her lip to signal silence. The look on their faces was half of terror and of excitement. “Mrs. Janis, how could you!” Shouted Macy. “Well, Lacy was dying for her!” Said Mrs. Janis cheerfully. John nearly fainted. “Oh Mrs. Janis, we greatly apologize! We thought you might have done, well uh, something, were so sorry.” Macy and Alice had a look on their face of utter confusion, but Macy uttered, “Have a good day.” John, Macy, and Alice Stepped into the kennel room and John shot her a sharp look. “Oh, I’m so embarrassed!” Said John with a look of anguish in his face. Alice folded her arms and rolled her cat-green eyes. “Yeah, poor thing, let’s call the police.” “No, Alice.” Macy said. “I think John, um, wants to say something.” “Indeed I do!” Answered John. “Mrs. Janis as a daughter who volunteers at the ministries. And she was talking about the dog she’s going to train.” “Oh.” The girls murmured. Macy bent down and tried to open Shadows dog kennel. It was locked and there was no dog in it. There was dead silence for several minutes. When Macy finally un locked it everybody gasped when they saw what was in it.

Alice beamed with joy as she ran into her mother’s arms! After Alice had hugged her mother enough times Mrs. Alco smiled at Macy and said, “Know, who’s this wonderful girl who saved me!” Macy smiled and told her name. “But,” said Macy, “I have one wonderful partner, or two!” Mrs. Alco smiled and said “thank-you” to John and also Alice, for helping. “So now, Katie is our main suspect.” Said Macy. Then she heard a voice and a door lock. “Oh she is?” Macy recognized it to be Katie’s. They gasped when they saw what she really looked like. Tall as she was before, but they didn’t know she was really an adult. Before they knew it they were tied up. If you have ever been tied up, you’ll have known how not-fun it is. Macy heard a noise that sounded like a dog galloping towards the room. Katie, the small adult, was before this point been texting. To who? Macy did not know. But she guessed other gang members. Katie glanced up at the door, which was locked, and no one had come in anyways, because the door was closed, and that meant to anyone at canine ministries, “do not disturb.” The door was being pushed, hard really hard. Katie jumped up, alarmed. In a flash, Macy realized what was happening. Some of the dogs had sensed alarm. They were trained to do this, in case of emergency. Katie pulled out her gun, a fairly harmless one, and murmured, “that dog.” Macy who was standing up next to Katie, toppled over on Katie.


Shadow and the dogs had apparently gone and got Mrs. Fanta.

Macy was on the ground along with Katie. Mrs.

Fanta was the boss of canine ministries. Mrs. Fanta unlocked the door with her keys. She had a key for every room. She walked towards Macy and untied her. “What’s going on?” Katie made a dash for the door but Shadow bit her heels. Macy told Mrs. Fanta a very quick version of what had happened. Macy picked up the ropes and put them on Katie. “I still have one question.” Macy said. “What did you really steal? At first Katie did not answer but finally she mumbled, “a jewel, from the house. I stole all those small things to cover it up.” At this Mrs. Fanta called the police, who said they’d be on their way.

And this ends the mystery of the yard sale.                                  More Macy, after the wonderful story of dog land!

The Porthole to dog land.

By Marie mean- no, Charlie means.

Prologue.                                                                                                            Do you know where your dog really is when you’re not at home? Do you know why most of the time your dog is willing to go in his kennel? It’s not because when you get home you give him dinner, or a treat, or lots of cuddles. It’s because- oh all right, you’ll find out soon.

Chapter one.

“By sweetie.” Said Marie, my owner. In case you did not know, my name is Charlie. Chuckie, for short.                                                                                                        My life revolves around that girl, and I got a lot of aunts and uncles. Four to be exact.                                                                                                                                          We’ll, you can call them that, but really I’ve been adopted, I’m a dog you see. I’m not sure if she’s my girlfriend, mom, or caretaker. now, I’m not complaining, but, – we’ll, some times I’ve got to go in my kennel. And it’s today that she put me in there.                                                                                                                                       She said she has to go to her music lesson, but honestly I think she goas and party’s with dog’s she love’s more than me… Anyways, this morning I went outside, – okay, I wondered of, okay, okay! I ran around the back yard.                          Then after this affair, I was put in my kennel and the words, “By sweetie.”                                                                                                           Came out of my owner’s mouth. But then some                                                                    “out- of-this-world” words came out to. And would you believe it! She said, “Have a fun time in dog land!”                                                                                                        At this moment I wished I was in “daddy’s” arms. Ah another joy in life! That man loves me, and I love him

back! (or we’ll I get that impression…) And this is what I’ve been doing up to this point. Ah ha! There is my camo blanket! That is my favorite toy, because            when I chew it lots of fluff comes out and it looks like snow! Only I’m not supposed to chew outside of my kennel on account of the fluff. Hey what’s that noise? It sounds like a gigantic box being opened.                                                                                 Well, okay, it’s green circle. With stuff inside it.

A dog there’s a dog! In case you did not know, I LOVE meeting knew dog. Let’s go meet him! What’s your name? “Socorro” Said Socorro. Where is this place?                                                                                                                   “This place is called dog-land. I’m glad to see you here.

.                                             the word’s hit me like a sack of potatoes.                                                                                   (daddies favorite food/word.) Then I realized the green hole had closed behind me, and I was speaking!                                                                                    What is this place?

As Socorro guided me along the rock pathway, (that apparently goas around all                      of dog-land, the only road in dog-land) I saw many shops, banks, offices, and many other buildings. I saw many dogs streaming in and out all the buildings. I even thought I saw a cat, but that well come later

In the story. As I got to knowing Socorro I began to shower him with

Questions. “What was the green hula-hoop?” “does only dogs know about dog-land?” “are their other lands?” “how am I talking?” “how many green hula-hoops are there?” Socorro was patient so he answered every one.

“The circle is a port-hole; it leads to this land.                                                             And yes, only dogs can come in, with a few human exceptions.                                         As or the 3rd question, there are many different lands. You are talking because this place is magical. There are so many different portholes, it would take years to go thru all of them.                                                                                There are one in every animal-shelter.” Just then, as Socorro finished                               a poodle named Sheila came and asked if I was Charlie. I told her I was           and she lead me to the dachshund apartments.                                             Every kind of dog had an apartment, and the apartment consisted                 of a room with grass and a bush witch was a toilet-room, a room with           dog-bed, a room with dog-bowls, and finally a room with couches like the ones humans have. (this was what all the dogs wanted since at home humans wouldn’t let them on theirs)

I made myself comfortable. I even chewed half the couch. (I’ve always wanted to do that so that I can prove I’m just as tough as Gandalf, my uncle.)

I was just about to fall asleep when I realized Marie would be coming home soon.           I ran outside and called for Sheila who came running and asked what the matter was.

I told her that I had a human waiting for me and she said that I better hurry home then. I ran, fast as I could to the porthole just as Marie stepped in the laundry room. “Charlie how was dog-land?” She said. I attempted

To talk, but I only succeeded in barking, which still surprised her very much.                      How Marie knew about dog-land will forever be a mystery.

The next morning, after Marie had walked me, “mommy” (That’s what Marie calls her.) Said she had to go to the chiropractor. She told Marie to do

Her math. As soon as she left, Marie did something very odd. She climbed in the kennel with me.

Actually, she’d done this before, but I still didn’t understand it.                                                                                                                         She locked the door, and looking nerves she smiled and said, “This is weird.” Then Marie’s older brother, Carver, a tall boy with a round face,   and skinny, peered around the door of the laundry room.                                             “What are you doing?” He asked.                                                                                       “Nothing.” Marie mumbled. We waited, for about a half hour, Marie doing her math.                                                                                                                             Then I heard the familiar sound. The port-hole had opened.                                                                                           Green grass stood plainly out. A dog rushed forward, then abruptly he ran the opposite direction. We walked down the dirt road, and I said, “Nice old’ road aye?”

Marie jumped backwards and fell on the dirt. “What the-?” she managed to say.    “Charlie?!” Sheila’s usual patient voice was now very mad. Then                Sheila appeared.                                                                                                          “Charlie, you are not to bring humans into dog-land. Do you even understand what a threat humans are? They locked me up in a pound cell   and were going to do who-knows-what when a porthole let me in. Humans are cruel.”                                                                                                                             “But this is my owner, and she feeds me and does everything for me.” I said.

Sheila’s eyes darkened, but she did not say anything. She beckoned them to follow. “Charlie, how, what’s happening?”                                                 Asked Marie. “Everything will be explained soon enough.” Sheila said. Sheila lead us to a large square building

With three different sized doggy-door’s.                                                                                             Marie squeezed through the largest doggy-door easily. I figured she’d done that before.                                                                                                                        Chapter 2. After all of us had gone through the door, we went through a long hall. An astonishingly scary sight followed.

A large bull-dog was looking a rather big book. He looked up, and said suddenly very disturbed, “What is this Sheila, Charlie? I wanted to run. Marie also looked slightly nervous.                                     “Nothing of mine.” Sheila said trying to look pleasant, but she was                           obviously offended and mad.                                                                                                                   The bull-dog raised his eyebrows at me. Oh dare he pretend Marie couldn’t talk! Why- if I- all right back to the story. The dog help                                                                                      shape up dog-land later anyway. I shouldn’t                                                                                    complain. So I told the judge, well I not expert on law                                                                                                 dog-land, but it different than on human- I mean earth.                                                                      So after I told him simply that my owner knew of dog-land and climbed in my kennel, then ended up here, he said this. “Well Charlie, here in dog-land,” He paused to sigh. “to be frank, Humans are cruel” I lost my temper and said,       “How many times must I tell you dog’s? Humans are not the same being! I must say, though, some are cruel. But so are animals, even us!                                           The judge lowered his head. “Charlie I understand you perfectly. Marie (how had been standing here the whole time) seems perfectly perfect. But humans, they hunger for power. Let them get out of hand and they’ll eat the                                       Whole cake, So to speak. And this may just happen with her. He said nodding his head at Marie.                                                                                                                             He opened the book again and thumbed through several pages. “Here we are.”           He mumbled. “This,” he said. “Is what this book has to say. A sudden look of alarm spread his scrunched face.                                                                                         “A human, with an absolute love for animals, is able to open the port-hole. And then therefore well be able to stay. You do you love animals?”                                   For the first time the bull-dog addressed Marie, and she nodded eagerly.                             “Well,” He said. “This is an old book. You may stay for ONE night. No more.

Me and Marie lay on the couch discussing all that had happened.                                                       “Can you believe it?” She said. “Hardly, that was the book of law!” I answered.           “No!” She breathed.                                                                                                                      “It’s about time, Marie.” I said, changing the subject. “Oh no, mom is already back!” Marie said. “Don’t freight,” I retorted. “Times slightly different here.”                We headed back, wishing we could stay.                                                                           As we entered through the porthole, which appeared when we walked by it, mom had entered the room. “Hurry!” Marie said forgetting I couldn’t talk anymore.

We relaxed the rest of that evening. Marie read her book and I cuddled with her on the couch.                                                                                                                                  Suddenly Marie jolted from her chair. “Charlie! We better get to bed! It’s 10:00 o’clock, and tomorrow’s a school day!” So we hurried up, Marie brushed her teeth and hoped in bed. It took her a little longer than usual to fall asleep.             Finally she jolted upright, so fast that at the same time she said, “Oh Charlie, I can’t stand it nay ’more, we got to back!”                                                                             She fell of her bed. I jumped to the rescue! But Marie just looked surprised. Then we heard some very suppressed giggles. Marie’s face broke into a smile.            “Ma-ma-Marie, di- did you, were you dreaming!” We looked to see my aunt Hannah sitting upright in her bed.                                                                                     “Hannah, what are you doing up at this hour!” Asked Marie to her curly haired sister. “Same as you, and besides you didn’t answer MY question!”

“Fine, and no I was not dreaming. I was”-                                                                                           I shot Marie a look that said, “No!”                                                                                                             “Was what?” asked Hannah, confused. Immediately Marie jumped back on her bed and pretended to be asleep. And soon afterwards she really did.

The next morning Marie came down-stairs, walked me and then she went to mom. “Mom, you should really go back to the chiropractor today.”                                             She said                                                                                                                                  “Okay, dear, but I thought you weren’t in favor of me going their?” mom said.           And so once again she set of for the chiropractor, and Marie brought her math,                                                                                              got in the kennel and after what seemed ages, the port-hole opened once again.

As Hannah, Zeke, and Hiram piled in the car,                                                        Carver, before going in said, “Ma, I not so sure if Marie is OK.” “Yeah                        I totally agree; she was acting strange last night.” Hannah added.                                                               So as I found out later, they made a plan. When they came back, Mom parked her car on the grass and they tiptoed in side. They had come back early. They went carefully and silently in the laundry room, waited and heard it open,

But me and Marie did not climb out.                                                                                              Why that, that thing has sucked them up!” cried mom. “Cool, I mean, not cool…” Said carver, and everyone turned to look at him.                                                                               “What I meant to say is,” he continued. “Let us go and retrieve her, it well be fun, I mean, obviously that’s a porthole.”                                                                                                          Carver said this in such coolness, especially since everyone was too surprised too talk.

“Come on Charles! Before we are noticed!” Marie was saying. I looked to see an open field. I hesitated. “What’s the matter!” She said. “It’s not on the road, so we therefore shouldn’t follow it!” “Oh you sound like the bull-dog.” Marie put her elbows on a nearby rock. She lowered her voice like the bull-dogs. “Well technically, you should follow the road.” I could not help but give in.

It seemed the further we went the prettier it got. There were absolutely no one. The field went on for a while, but eventually                                                                  the field turned in to a forest. And it grew into night. “Well, I suppose we should stop and rest.” Marie said. “What are we even doing?” I Asked

“I don’t

Know. I guess I just want to have a little fun.” Then I puzzled over this, and after a while I fell asleep. The next day we kept walking. Suddenly the ground became sand. And we crossed many rivers,

Until we saw sea. Shining in all its glory. “Well what are you waiting for?” Marie asked, glancing at me. She dove in the water. And there we spent are day.


During dinner, there was a family meeting. They called the police but the porthole was stubborn and would not open for them, so of course they did not believe Mr. Means. The boys wanted to follow her, so the final decision was the whole family to go in. So, without further ado, they were in the laundry room waiting for the porthole to open. And by n’ by it did

“Charles!” Marie said. “We really outta’                                                                                                                         be going!” There was a long pause of silence until Marie broke it saying, “Oh no! Mom’s probably worrying her head of, and I been her in my own little dream world, but then again I’m dreaming, right? If only there would be a better, faster way to get there.”

“Oh, there is.” I retorted. “Look!” A large cat, most likely of the largest came toward us. “Where you asking for a ride?”

Me, being a dog, and Marie not being a cat                                                                                             lover would not usually accept this, but it was an emergency, and the cat’s eyes were so splendidly green and large, so we hoped on his back. “You’re a large kitty!” exclaimed Marie. “I’m a panther.” Said the cat.                                                                                               “I thought only dogs are allowed in dog-land.” I asked rather suspicious. “I’m a exception, just like your master. Now where are you planning on going?”

Me and Marie exchanged looks. “Um, back to dog-land road.” Marie spoke-up. “Very well.” Answered the panther.                                                                                                            The cat started off at a very fast pace. And at first he seemed to be going the right way but after a while we started not remembering places. Finally, Marie spoke up and said, “Mr. panther are you sure you’re going                                                                                       the right place?” The panther did not answer. Marie leaned over caught me by the waist and jumped of the panther, and as fast as lightning we were running, the panther right beside us. The panther was caching up with us to are horror.                             With a flash of white and a blur of brown, we saw a large brown dog we’d never seen before, in fact, he was so big he was almost a horse-size dog.

He was fighting the panther with all his strength, which was a lot. The panther seemed to be limping, and beaten.

Sheila was there to. And apparently in a rushed mood. “Let’s go,” Sheila said. “You can ride on Kong’s back, just because soon the cat’s will be back.” So Marie pulled one leg over Kong and I jumped on his back too. “Sheila,” started Marie. “I’m really sorry.” “I’ve been really stupid.”

. I thought this was only a dream. Now I know different. I’ve been told over and over again not to talk to strangers, but for some odd reason I felt drawn to it.”

“It’s not entirely your fault.” Reasoned Sheila. “That panther had something on him. But it was silly of you to think this was only a dream.”

Kong was running slightly slower now, we were approaching the main road.  

We went past that beloved field, then I caught sight of the road. Me and Marie  

Dismounted of Kong, and Sheila said, “Thank you Kong. Now Marie, I’m

Bringing you to the court. And Charles, if you wish you may come to.


Chapter 4.  

The last time we’d gone there it was not the best experience.

So we were not thrilled when we were told to go there.

When we got there we were shuffled into the court room, and the large bull dog waited for. He looked unhappier then the last time.

He motioned for Marie to sit down on a chair next to him, and once she did he said, “Marie, did I tell you not to return to dog-land after every one day?”   

Marie nodded and said, “Yes, but, I thought this was only a dream, I’m sorry.” “Anything else?” The bull-dog asked. “Yes,” Said a voice that was not Marie’s. Sheila was by the door, her head held high. “The cats are back.”

The judges large body turned to face Sheila. “And what makes you say that?” “I’ve have proof.” She strode over and dusted of her chest. Black fur fell to ground. The bull dog silently he scooped up several hairs from the ground and sniffed them, then frowned.

“Panther hair for sure.” He said. “But I still can’t believe it. Sheila, why don’t we just wait till were sure.” “But”- raged Sheila. “That’s not the way cats think!” The bull dog  strode over the door and opened it,

Beckoning them through it. “So, Marie I trust you’ll leave?” Marie nodded.

“Thank you Sheila.” He said. “I just can’t believe it!” Sheila said the moment we were out the door. “You were really brave.” I said.

“Let em’ get what e’ deserves.” Marie said. “it won’t be to long! Wait for the cats to come, mph! Well I guess I got to be heading home, Charles are you coming or staying?” I shifted to face her.

“You mean your going home? Listening to him? Giving up all of dog-land?” I said. “Well, he is the authority.. Besides, why am I so important, I’m going to lead all dog-land to battle?” Marie was almost shouting. I glanced at Sheila, and she back at me. “WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT HER LIKE THAT!” Marie shouted.

“Fine Charles, stay with your girlfriend, I’d love to stay but if I do, I’ll get put in jail, and if I don’t I’ll be “now longer a hero to two people” Besides we don’t know for sure if this is true!” She kneeled down and whispered, “Charles, dog land needs you more then I do.”

She smiled and left. But I swear she shot we a wink that said “I’ll be back.”

“That was really weird.” Sheila said.

“Yeah, well I think it has a meaning.” raised her eyebrows at me. “I mean to say,” I knelt down before her, “I think she’ll be Back when dog lands raving for her. I think dog-land WILL need her. All that stuff abought only a girl who truly loves animals can come into dog-land.”

Sheila looked annoyed. “It’s hard to believe that she truly loves animals by the way she was acting earlier.” I bent closer, looked around and whispered, “I think she was a bit mad, but I think I saw a glimpse of the judges back, and so did she. She did those things so that he’d think she was truly going to leave, he was convinced, so he left.

Right now, we’d better get planning.”

Marie stretched to her length the moment she was back at the house. She looked around and realized her family had just finished dinner and was clearing the table.

“Mom!” She said. “Honey!” Her mother came running to her, and embraced her. “We’ve been searching and searching and we just took a break to eat!” “I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long but-, it’s a long story, and I have to ask you a favor, would you come with me?”

“Where?” Hannah piped up. “Um, have you”- Mom nodded. “You mean through that?” She said jerking her head at the kennel. “yeah well, it’s not what you expect, Charlie needs us.” Mom smiled and said,

“Honey if you don’t stop I might send you to the doctor! I mean, we told the police to inspect the kennel, but really we just wanted them to find you!”

“Please! Just wait for it to open and if it doesn’t then you can leave!” Mom sighed. “Well, um, let’s just see.” They walked to the kennel and waited. And, it opened.

Marie smiled, then frowned. The scene in front of her eyes was this: I was charging at a tabby and tabby arched her back and hissed, while others around us were also battling one on one.

“Quick! Get some water and I’ll stay here and guard the porthole!” Marie

Whispered. Fast as lightning all the means children (and mother.) took any basin shaped items and filled them with water, then came running back, panting. Armed, as the children were, rushed upon the battle.

Some, particularly the boys were having quite the day.

As you can imagine they were thrilled to have found out that there sister had discovered a new land.

Soon the water drove the cats to a port-hole and the cats went in. “That couldn’t have been good!” Cried Hiram, the third youngest. “Your caching on!” Marie yelled back at him.

“Follow them!” Kong roared.

“There’s no choice, we must follow them.” Sheila said. I took a deep breath and then jumped thru the porthole.

Marie, Sheila, Socorro, Kong, and some of the other dogs came soon after. A lady, man, and a small girl, (With exceptional small feet.) were sitting on the ground, eating, while the woman was saying, “As you can see, we still keep are traditions!”

“Where are we!” Marie asked, and Sheila whispered, “We aren’t in china, I suspect, because there speaking English, but their Chinese people and their doing very Chinese things, so I think where in a           Chinese”- Sheila was interrupted by a high-pitched squeal, “Mommy! Kitty’s and doggy’s!” For the first time the little girl spoke.

She must have been brave because she didn’t even wince when (To her) she heard a deep bark, but actually it was Kong saying, “Let’s follow them!”

So, hurrying as they went the little procession was of again. “Oh no.” Said Marie. “I recognize this place. Are family came to the airport here a couple summers ago. It’s Chicago.” I looked at her. “What’s so bad about that?” I said. Some of the dogs nodded in agreement. “Well,” Said Zeke. “It’s one of the biggest city’s in the world.” Added All of the siblings at once, Witch made the girls go into fits of giggles. (But the boys rolled their eyes.)

“Very good kids.” Said mom. “Oh!” Said Marie jumping a little. “I forgot that you came to.” “Now really, do you think I’d let you come here alone!”

“Meow!” Kong had swept up a turtle back. “Looks like we’ll need a net of sorts.” He said. “Look!” Said Marie, after they had walked awhile. She pointed to a sign that said, “HOMEMADE GOODS.” And inside the little shop was a Crocheted blanket. Marie darted between dogs and opened the door. A few minutes later she came out holding the blanket. “Told her it an emergency, and promised to return it.”

She said. Kong stepped forward and dropped the cat inside it, then Marie slung it over her back. “All right cat, spit it out!” Kong said. “Why should I? I don’t have a hairball to spit up!” The cat retorted with a snobby snort, But I noticed a slightly shaky tinge to his voice. Kong growled.

“Alright, west!” said the feline. So, that cat started spitting out directions where ever we went, and evidently the were correct because we started to see the lot of them. And we devised a plan, we were going to

Buy the blanket, and another one and barricade the cats, through a net over them and put them where they belong.

“You know, I don’t this is going to be as easy as it looks.” Said Socorro, who hadn’t talked for a long time. “You know I think he has a point, it’s too simple. It just doesn’t seem like it’ll work.” Added Marie.

“Well, it seemed to really work when we poured water on them.” Said Carver. “Yeah let’s do that. We’ll split into two teams.” Said Sheila. “And” I added. “One team we’ll chase the cats towards the other, then we’ll catch e’m.”

Everyone grunted in application, Except Marie who said, “Good one babes, let’s not waste any more time.”

So, I took a group and Kong the other, which were staying and waiting for the “round up.” Which I was leading. “Come on!” I motioned. “We’ve got the blankets, check. We’ve got a plan, check, All we need is a good amount of water.” Socorro stopped dead in the middle of the road, in a stubborn sort of way. “Look, a set of houses, one of them should have a hose out back, I remember when”- He stopped dead. We all knew his past had been dreadful- he had been abandoned.

We were all too embarrassed to say a word, but we silently went on are way up the hill to the small house. When we got up their Kong went straight to the hose but I said, “I think we should ask first.” “But Charles, they’ll won’t let us use the hose, were dogs! They’ll probably faint!” Added Socorro. I thought for a moment. “Hmm, that’s true, Hey, look! Theirs a clothes line we can borrow some clothes!”

“What are you trying to say.” Said Kong. “You want us to act like humans?” I nodded. “Yeah.” I said. Socorro, who had been thinking said, “It would be a lot easier to just get Marie.” “We’ll then what are you waiting for, go get her!”

“I’ll get it.” Kong said and returned with Marie not long after, she was riding him like a horse. Then I told Marie what I wanted, and she promptly did it. “Mr. could we- I mean I, use your hose outback? Please? It’s a real emergency.” She said. “Sorry kid, but it’s not- let me get my wife.” He left and got his wife.

“Yes, honey, I think that’d be”- “Thanks!” Said Marie running of in the other direction. “Okay guys, Buckets, check okay start filling m’ up. Oh, wait, you can’t really do that-I’ll do that… Okay let’s do this- Charlie grip on to this with your teeth.” I griped the edge of the bucket with my teeth. “Thanks Marie.” I said. “Your welcome.” Marie said.

And we headed down the street, and soon we started to see cats. We split up, forming a circle around them, then we hit. Throwing water on their heads and chasing them towered the other dogs, even from there I could not see the white blankets, the others had hide them well.

Then, we got closer, and closer, then SWOOP! Up all the kitties were swept up in a mass of brown, black, grey and white.

Most of them we got, but the rest, well, that is why there’s a lot of strays in Chicago. We Lugged the bags of cats and occasionally filling it up like a balloon, so they could have air. occasionally, I wondered what was happening in dog land.

Chapter five.

What happened in dog land is far more important. Well, what I did not now was for a while dog-land had wanted to have a king, and in the book of law there was a written down decision, in the consul of dogs they had decided who ever freed the dogs would become king. the question was, which one?

It was difficult to find the home with the port hole, since it was on a street full of identical houses, but I remembered the way the house was facing, and Marie knocked. “Hello,” Said the nice lady opened the door for us. “We would like to inspect.” Marie said. Kong stepped forward and growled. The lady nodded curtly at the size and looks of Kong. We hurried over and Peeked through a curtain, were a medium sized kennel sat.

We in one at a time, and since the number was large it took some time. When it was my turn, and I waited, and as always it opened to the sweet smell of fresh air. Marie smiled at me, she had gone in earlier.

Oh, the cats are gone…”

“Their singing to you.” Marie said, Smiling even more.

We chant to the one who’ll will rule us all!

whoever that will be!”

The dogs sung, in what to human went ears, (with exception of Marie) would be a chorus of, “ruff- ruff-woof! Ruff- ruff!” Then to further my amusement the judge stepped out and made a grand announcement.        “He-hem, He-hem! Thank you very much, oh I did love this song. Now I believe, you want a king. I have been very selfish, thinking Marie was “un-worthy” and Charlie unsmart to have believed in her.

But Charles is faithful. Very faithful. he has my vote as the new king.” Torrents of clapping came and I looked, and saw all the kids, Marie’s mom, and even her daddy. Apparently, he had decided to try the “Mysteries kennel.” It seemed I was elected. Then I realized there’s not only a king that needs to rule but a queen.

I talked to Marie about this matter and she said it would be sensible to make Sheila the queen. I already knew she would not be allowed to rule herself. “Marie, are you saying that you want me to marry Sheila?”

It was Tuesday, late afternoon, after I was so called elected. Visions of what had happened during the last days danced in our heads, so that we could not sleep. Marie had come from her room so that she could discuss these “kingly” matters, we were sleeping in the up-stairs of the court-house, which was quite big.

Marie was leaning on a nearby cushion. “Yeah, that’s what I mean. Dogs aren’t really romantic, right?” I nodded, and rolled over for a belly scratch.

I was sweating the whole day, and near the middle of it I did it. She excepted gladly. But as Marie pointed out earlier, dogs aren’t very romantic. That was my first day of the living like a king and it was fun. There was a lot of sorting to be done, and on my free time I wright this book throughout these lovely weeks and now months, helping all. And dear dog-land we live well.

Now this is where I end this book, I hoped you liked it.

Thank you, dear Sheila and Marie (who still visits me often) and thank you dog land.

Sincerely, with great love for my country, King Charlie.

Afterwards by Charlotte S. Means, King Charlie’s great, great, great, great, granddaughter.

I hope for all you who have read this book laughed at the funny, goofy parts and smiled at the serious ones. Decades and decades and decades later after Charles time, when this book was treasured so often this afterword was not there. But it felt appropriate to say dog land lived well for years and years. But alas after the many great kings had ruled, the kingdom started to fall apart, and bad forces joined, cats and even a couple half dog’s half wolfs, and even a woman.

Alas now we faced a new enemy, the dark cloud. But I hope for a human child who’ll bring us back. Sincerely, Charlotte Sheila Means.

The Stairway to The Sky.

Marie means.

“Well, hurry up then!” Slap. And awkward silence fell, the queen of the dark cloud had slapped the sly tiger. “And don’t let mention of this child. Do you HEAR! She hissed. Do not hear wrong, slapping wasn’t at all unusual, but the tiger was a trusted advisor.

“What so ever, for my queen, but I”- the queen shot him a dirty look. He went in his silent way hissing. He had only mentioned the child the members of the dog land consul hoped for, but she did not like to even hear the name of something that even might with slightest chance, conquer her. The dogs were well under her mighty foot.


Decades earlier.

Rain beat every tree. But if Marie could not get these precious pieces of Charlie’s kennel, she might forget the next morning. Ah, that precious oak, that would be a good place, on the edge of the woods. There, she uncovered dirt from the place, and put the pieces there, now starting to imagine home and the warmness of it all. There, the job was done. She would return now.

Decades later but on earth.

Caddie Venue sipped her cool water and read Anne of Green Gables. She let out a sigh. She loved reading, but this book was a bit harder, and it was such a nice day. So, she walked outside and sat down, but that didn’t seem right either. She decided  not to sit at all, but to have a regular adventure. She started to the woods. She was trying to decide if it would be better to have any siblings or not. Unlike most other girls she liked how she looked, she didn’t care for lighter hair or anything of that sort. She was a fairly happy person. She decided she liked being an only child but wished there were some kids in the neighborhood. She wished just a tiny bit. There! There was the oak. She stepped back and imagined in the way she always do. There was an ocean full of big waves but, they were gentle- in that beautiful land in Cassie’s imagination. Fields of dry grass seeming to never end.

She only wished there was such a place, she was rather bored.                                                              She was embarrassed to say that she tried to get there. Yes, it was bizarre, but it just seemed so real! Once she had thought if she wished so hard, spin, With her eyes closed and them opened them, she be there. Caddie started off for the woods.

Then when she got there she took her rope, then stepped back. fall leaves made the woods stand out. But there seemed like, yes, there was a stairway up and up to the sky. Formed by leaves and other natural things. What a “Scope for imagination” she thought, Ann of green gables said that. She thru her rope over a tree limb and swung herself up. Yes, she was an adventurer. Even though she didn’t have any siblings to teach her how, she knew how to climb trees.                                  Up and up she went. Swinging and going. This was the tree that, to Caddie was magical. She didn’t know why. Caddie hardly realized how high she was, she just kept on a-going. Seconds turned into minutes. She was almost all the way to the top of the old oak! And then she was there, to the very top.

But she didn’t know that. She reached for another branch, but it wasn’t there. Then she fell, but soft brown grass caught her half way. But not grass of this world. Caddie was pushed through an amazing force. At first Caddie thought she was dead but she wasn’t.                                                                            Caddie, the girl who believed crazy unearthly things, was there. She smelled the air. How was this possible? No, she only fell out of a tree and landed in her own yard, but there was no house in sight. So, being that kind of girl she started exploring.

No! Yelled the queen. A child, maybe that one was here. Uncomfortable was this evening. Some Were almost glad for some action. Most were being sent on missions to spy constantly. None could find the child, little did they know she was at the lost city of dog-land. Meanwhile Caddie was running, swimming, and many other things in the wide dog-                                          land. It was like she was dreaming, and she liked that. Today, she set herself to exploring. For food, she picked the fruit off valiant, beautiful, trees. The strange thing was the harder she looked she still couldn’t find any wild life. Caddie neared the field once more. As far as she traveled she always seemed to end up right here again. She glanced at the map she had made from bark and ink of berry juice. It seemed she had explored half the island, and once she explored the other half she would see what was beyond the sea. Caddie was a very smart girl, and her map she had made was crafted, for best accuracy, by walking first around the outer half of the island, and when she came back to her, marking-stone, she would do more in the inner part, and so on and so forth. To show you what I mean, you should look at a picture:

Snap! Snap! Caddie jumped. Beasts of many were arriving from the north island, over the mountain and to the dividing field. Two warthogs seemed to have caught sight of her and were diving. Caddie, being startled, ran, well, more like stumbled her way south. And, before she could stop, she stumbled into a big hole. It went down, and down, the hole kept her save, for at least a while, because soon she heard the dark cloud members crawling through the hole and Caddie was very scared. She didn’t know a way out. Her eye then caught a stone not far away. She grasped and heaved it up. Slowly, she picked up the rock and tossed it. Caddie listened. There was distracted noise, but no one moved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Caddie groped around in darkness, then stumbled over herself. Boom! Boom! She stumbled down the hole yet farther, feeling stumped. When she caught hold of herself, she could see light. She followed the light until she once again on the familiar land. “Some hole!” She thought. Caddie scanned the horizon. “No sign of the “bad guys.” Thought caddie, for she had no idea what their gang name was. A butterfly flew past her face. Caddie grinned. So, there was wild life. Caddie’s eye caught sight of a wired gate. She grinned even more. She went up to the gate and fiddled for a latch. She found none, only a variety of mini doors. Caddie lifted her leg over the gate and hopped over. Before her eyes was the longest, thinnest, building she had ever seen. This building was circular, and in the middle was, fountains, trees, and many things you’d see in a city. A rusty lay before Caddie a assign reading, “Dog land.” What a funny name, Caddie thought. Behold this girl, the lost city.

Caddie opened the door to the long house.  First, there was a corridor which was small. Then there were the familiar small little doors which were like flaps. Caddie opened the door. It was a queer room, not what you might expect. The room was dusty, with a low bed, couch, and there was another small room, which was wooden, and there was cracks on the bottom of this small room, and on top. In this room there were bushes and grass. Caddie scratched her head. What did this all mean? She went back inside, sat on the couch and thought. Then Caddie glanced over to her right, and there was a beautiful painting, and there in small letters it said, king Charlie, queen Sheila, and human Marie.

Chapter two.                                                                                            Caddie stood wide- mouthed. Then she laughed out loud. It all fit. This was a city of dogs! But these was another strange thing: In the painting was a golden castle, but where was this golden castle? Caddie decided to find the beautiful castle.  She went all over the city but she could not find the gold castle, only more wonders. She found a garden were the most over grown plants ever lay, but besides these plants Caddie thought it was rather nice. She lay on the grass and lay, wondering where the castle was and why this place was so deserted. She started to get bored, and her mind was wondering off, when she heard a distend bark. Not waiting for it to cease she jumped up to follow. Caddie loved dogs, her mother dear as she was, did not want a dog to do doggish things. Caddie ran for dear might, until feeling hopeless, that she was lonely and she had left that beautiful place, the only place she’d known she didn’t feel lonely- it had made her feel like she was in a place where people were and cared and- when in the way they do a dog jumped next to Caddie were she was sitting, its back leaned against her. She lifted her head and smiled. ‘So, you’re the child?” Said the dog, in a voice just exactly like you would expect. Caddie jumped, then felt her legs give way. This dog had indeed talked. Caddie didn’t know why she was surprised. She had left the earth, uncovered a lost city, and now this. Caddie took a long breath and started. “Why, do “they” know of me?” The dog laid down and replied, “Well, the dark cloud know, but-well I should tell about them, saying you don’t know.” Caddie shook her head. “once there was ordinance, for long ago a girl, like you and her dog Charlie found dog land. Then are arch enemy’s, the cats were upon  us, then Marie, Charlie, and the others used their exotic imaginations to decide a plan .

Well, that’s what happened, (to make a long story short).”  He said. Caddie nodded. “Yes, so, you, are the one who is to save us, that is, you had a relative by the name Marie, am I right?” Caddie thought a moment then her eyes lit up. “Yes, I think I do, I wish I’d remembered earlier, though. So, I’m like the promised child, right? Like in the movies?” Asked Caddie. “Of sort’s, though some dogs think it rather a tale. But, here you are.” Said the dog. As the conversation fell to Caddie asking the dog’s name which was “Théodore” or “Teddy” So Teddy told Caddie he was a relative of Shelia. Sheila’s brother’s kids, kids ECT. Théodore promised to show Caddie some other dogs, as they walked they talked.




 Marie Means

Chapter 1.    miss Jeana





Twa’s the wail that sounded across the cotton fields on April 1846.  Like a lone dog. Across the trees, the meadow, even the leaves seemed to shudder. The does with their fawns stopped their frolic to stare, then hide. The pickers were stopping, shovels were being put down and a young girl’s sewing was as well. She looked around and wondered. “I wonder if I might finish early, bring it to the mistress, then maybe I cans see what the ruckus.”   She thought. It was a nice April day in the south 1866.

This girl happened to be miss Jeana, a most trusted slave of mistress Aliana of the McCabe plantation. Thou, none called her miss Jeana, only Jeana, or plain, Jean. But I will call her Miss Jeana, because I think she is do much respect, for as hard working, quick-to-please, even to a not-so-desirable mistress and cruel master. You’ll find her very likable, later especially.

Anyhow this girl finish her sewing, which was a pretty kerchief for the mistress, Miss Jeana put her belongings, (which were few,) away, making her small room very neat. Among those few belongings were Bible, an apron, which was the only clothes item she had besides the ones she wore, a dish she made and washed faithfully, (for she didn’t use the dirty ones the slave guards and slave masters provided.)

Miss Jeana also owned a comb witch she ran through her hair before looking at the sky, judging it was nearly five, then whisking of to her original mission. Holding her flowered kerchief (she daren’t run) but walked quickly to the mistress’s homestead. Miss Jeana was nodded to repeatedly, naturally for being a kind young women. She said, “Hello!” To every one of them, but, of course, called them by name. the walk from her cabin to the mistress’s house was a bit.

She took in the beauty of the place. For it was pretty. Miss Jeana when indeed the house was in site, tiptoed up the stairs. Miss Jeana was one of the only slaves allowed to walk up the steps and knock on door. Miss’s Jeana was a little proud of this. When Miss’s Jeana knocked on the door a tall lady, who seemed unwell, came to the door.

“So, that’s the matter.” Miss Jeana thought. “So, what do you want?” Asked the lady. Miss Jeana lifted her head. “ma’am, here’s the kerchiefs, if you please.” She lifted her hand to give the embroidered kerchief to the tall lady. Suddenly a scream, not like a one of distress, but like a baby.   “Could it be?” Thought Jeana. “A baby?” Jeana didn’t know that the wail she heard earlier today, was from the mistress, wailing not just because of the pain, but because the baby was a girl, not a boy.

The mistress grabbed the kerchiefs and slammed the door in miss Jeana’s face. Inside the house a baby had indeed been born. her name was Buttercup, and here we come to the point. The mistress was indeed distressed over such a matter. Being not able to abandon the child, mystery was on the household.

Taking up courage, for miss Jeana was afraid for what was happening, knocked ounce again on the door. A pause followed, then the mistress answered.

“Hello? Uh, it’s you, what!?”  Jeana replied with cool in her voice. “Mistress, now I know you’ve got a babe”- Miss Jeana stopped from sigh that came from the listener’s lips. A babe, yes, and as disgusting as she was in ways, her heart told her not to abandon the child. A babe, is no laughing matter. If not a boy the less it is found sensible, for a girl required as much work, (if not more) then a boy.

But not useful, for a girl’s bones weren’t found strong, not a suitable specimen for any truly “useful” work. Then ounce it grew, it must be given a dress, then taken to county balls, if invited, which if not, there are disasters abroad. Of course, then she’d fall in love, be married, then of course, required a diary. And these thoughts circulated through her head, as well as the idea that a war between the south and the north was possible. So, as you can tell, the idea of having a new born babe moreover, was impossible. The mistress smiled for Miss Jeana’s care and let her in. Miss Jeana and the mistress sat, opposed each.  To think! A slave, sitting in the sitting room of the mistress and master! The house was so large to miss Jeana’s eyes. “So, you are my most trusted slave, Jean. I ask not to ponder on this with talk to your companions. And I now twill’ sound foolish, but do you have a suggestion?” The mistress then colored. But, miss Jeana nodded. “In fact, I do. I will take the babe.”

A solemnness came over the gathering.  Miss Jeana had volunteered to take the born babe. Hurrah! The good heart. Miss Jeana really wasn’t very old of a girl, merely of sixteen.

Without a word, the lady got up grasped the baby, kissed it on the head, “as if that is what every mother should do, when there’ baby leaves ‘m.” Said miss Jeana later. Miss Jeana took the babe and smiled. Something in the way the babe smiled back gave hope to Miss Jeana, for, indeed she was nervous to take up such a task. Though she was a slave, not a girl who knew to write, not one of education, there was never a jollier heart nor a better mother, that day.


















Chapter two. Once upon a real day.




“once upon a real day, a long time ago,” read miss Jeana, who was sitting down on a stump, in a little cabin east in McCabe plantation. Miss Jeana was reading her little bible to a little baby, on her lap. She started, always the same way, like her mother did. And this way did that little baby grow day by day. Her true mother came less and less to see her as she grew. Miss Jeana feared what was happening between the mistress and her daughter.

Miss Jeana was sure the baby was now stuck with her, but miss Jeana didn’t mind, in fact she was happy! As miss Jeana read, she stumbled a bit, for she had only learned from another slave. Then Miss Jeana jumped up, tied her skirt up, till it formed a pouch. She gently lay Buttercup in the pouch and held her skirts up as she carefully walked. Miss Jeana could tell it was time for work. This is how miss Jeana walked holding her skirts to report for duty, and now, we must skip forward a little, or I’m afraid will be a bore. So, for ten years Buttercup grew. The hills seemed to raise her as well as Miss Jeana.

Buttercup loved to run on the hills, and she yearned to ride the stallions. They were beautiful creatures and every time a slave master came by on one, she would hide, as usual and adore the beautiful horses.

She ran to the woods today, to try her new bucket, miss Jeana had crafted for her. Buttercup ran down to the stream and was about to draw water, when curiosity got the better of her. She jumped across the stream unto the opposite bank. There after the bank went for a couple feet there was a large valley. Fields and fields of little green plants with white puff balls. Little people were what looks like watering the plants, and grooming them. It was late August, so the cotton was ripe and it was picking season. Then what looked like hundreds of slaves came and started to pick. Buttercup was displeased. Then a man that Buttercup recognized as a slave master came holding a boy by his collar. He walked up and tied the boy to a wooden post then he started to whip him with a leather rope.


“No!” Buttercup cried she ran down the valley and aimed her bucket at the slave masters face it hit him squarely in the nose. He turned, but buttercup had ducked and hid behind an oak. “Go boy!” Cried the slave master. The boy did so, and very fast indeed. Then he went back to work, and worked diligently indeed. But, it really started when he went back to his cabin he told the story to his friends. It spread like wildfire. And, it got a little crazy. Some people thought this girl was a creature with flaming hair. But they all hoped she’d come and rescue them. It even spread to miss Jeana. When Buttercup came home she hardly talked and would only show one side of her bucket. She produced the berries she had picked, put them in the little bowl and they ate them silently and slowly. Finally, Miss Jeana looked up from her food and looked at Buttercup.  Buttercup looked away and completely averted her eyes. “Buttercup dear if you go on like this, I don’t know what to do!”  Miss Jeana said. Buttercup came slowly to her mother and revealed the bucket, which side was dented indeed. It seems evident that a child always thinks their parent would be furious if shown the truth, but evidently, concealing it makes it worse. Buttercup told the whole story. Miss Jeana told the story the boy told. “I think it on the most part brave but, dear, I would suggest being more careful, for they are the authority.” Then miss Jeana told Buttercup the whole story about her mother, for she had slowly been reveling the facts, but now, she thought it time for Buttercup to know the whole story.  And right then and there, Buttercup vowed she’d do something great, and be the legend she already was. And that very night, after they’d read the bible, and miss Jeana would “turn off the lights.” That night as Buttercup lay awake in her bed, miss Jeana worried. She was somewhat aware that Buttercup needed high society. If Buttercup kept living like this, she’d never learn English ways. Miss Jeana knew that she couldn’t live forever with the slaves, she’d never learn everything that is needed, to become a young lady. “Buttercup roams like a wild chestnut horse.” She thought.  Finally, she fell asleep.



















Chapter 3. What Buttercup did.




Buttercup was home again. She was growing, and now a girl of 16’. Her mother had    wanted her to go out into the world, but Buttercup loved her mother dearly, and didn’t want to herself. She though it risking to leave, and considering   she was only sixteen and it was a big, dangerous world out there! But she was getting restless. Buttercup had just seen another act of injustice. She was stomping home, mad as ever. She kept telling herself to stop, after all, she was sixteen, but her mind kept going back to it.  “Must control, must control.” She thought. Finally, Buttercup walked right up to an old oak and kicked it, and felt a lot better because of it. Then she walked up to her little cabin and let herself in. She puffed and huffed about the room. She was in one of those modes were it just seems like everything has gone wrong, and there’s just thing after thing to worry about.  Soon after Buttercup had sat down the door opened once again, and miss Jeana came in, in a flutter.

She closed the door behind her. She seemed to already sense that Buttercup was there, and without glancing about miss Jeana exclaimed, “M’ dear child, I declare, it’s about time you move on, I gettn’, old and your quite young!” Buttercup jumped up, accidently showing the men’s boots, she had picked up in town. “Yes mama! Your right, it’s time we travel the world.” She exclaimed as she put the mash potatoes on plates with a long handled, wooden spoon and gave one to her mother. “No,” sighed Mrs. Jeana, “I meant you.”  “But, what I to do without you, get married to a random man, and have two score and five children!” Said Buttercup, who was always quick to retort. “Not exactly.” Replied miss Jeana, laughing. And, sensing that the conversation wasn’t going well Buttercup told her that in town, she’d glimpsed a poster reading,






Young women. Broad face. Most likely

wearing cloth cap.

Buttercup thought that there must had been more she hadn’t seen of the poster, so she asked her mother if she knew of it. “The information did get around to me.” She said. “There is a slave who frees others, and there out for her.” Buttercup was silent, but very thoughtful. “I wonder,” she thought out loud this time. “if I could be like this girl, and free slaves.” Her mother laughed. “That’s very brave of you to say, dear.” Said miss Jeana. “No, I’m serious!” Said Buttercup. Then the topic became a little more serious. “If that’s really what you want then, so be it. But, I will not let you go by yourself.” Said miss Jeana, very serious indeed. “Oh, thank you mother!” Buttercup practically yelled. “But now, let’s not rush to it,” said Mrs. Jeana. “I didn’t exactly say yes.” Buttercup thought Mrs.    Jeana was taking this situation to slowly, thought it was a huge one. “Well, maybe you can travel with Jack.” Said Mrs. Jeana, when they discussed it later, and Mrs. Jeana finally gave in. That night, Buttercup could hardly contain herself. She and Mrs. Jeana packed her bags, and Mrs. Jeana herself visited Jack in secret to tell him the good news. When Mrs. Jeana was there, Buttercup paced the room. She was wondering why her mother was taking so long. “I should get dinner ready, that should be helpful.” Thought Buttercup. So, Buttercup boiled some corn. Then, as she was done, she heard a noise, and a very curious one! It sounded like hounds, yes that had to be it, then Buttercup thought of something she hadn’t before. “Oh no!” She thought. She put the corn in her bag and slung it over her shoulder. This could only mean one thing. Her mom had been caught! Buttercup bust out of the house and ran up the dirt road to were the log cabins were. Then, running towards her was Jack and another young girl, whom Buttercup knew not. Without a word the three dashed into the northern woods, trying to be silent. They were headed to Philadelphia, were slaves were free. They ran for what seemed like a long time. Then Buttercup beckoned them to a hole in a wide tree which was enough room. Then all three of them hide inside, were they were well enough hidden. The moment Buttercup hit the ground, she wanted to burst in tears, but she held herself in, for being brave on the outside helps you be brave on the inside. Then Buttercup asked, “So, what happened to my mother, and where is she?” Both Jack and Kayla looked at each other. The Kayla answered. “She’s not taken yet, I think she’s still running.” Buttercup nodded then said, “Thank you, now that I have that information, I think I’ll go and fetch her.” Buttercup started for the door, then Kayla stopped her. “I think that would be unwise, for I think Mrs. Jeana would rather you stay here. After all, if she gets caught, so will you, and I don’t think she’ll get anything worse than a beatn’, and she might not even get that. I think she might catch up with us.” Buttercup looked thoughtful and said, “But isn’t there proof she helped two runaway slaves?” “Not exactly, in fact, there probably out for us now. Mrs. Jeana got us up and running in time.” Kayla said, as Buttercup slowly sank to the floor. “Here.” Said Buttercup, handing Jack and Kayla some corn on birch plates out of her bag. “After this though, we’d had better get a move on.” Said Buttercup. They ate in silence. Buttercup was heartbroken. She was already on the move, even when she hadn’t received even a little bit of training. Suddenly, the sound of leaves crunching echoed in Buttercup’s ears. Buttercup jumped up and grabbed Jack and Kayla. The three where too late. The slave masters where almost upon them. Buttercup, Jack and Kayla ran out, but Buttercup swung herself up on a tree branch and climbed as quickly and quietly as she could. Buttercup, who had expected the other two to follow, felt a horrible twang of surprise to find, as she looked back to smile, alone.





Chapter 4. Being alone.


Tears of fright fell down her cheeks. Buttercup had lost her friends to the enemy. But Buttercup knew crying wouldn’t help. Buttercup knew, if she even had a choice it was to go and catch up with Jack and Kayla. Buttercup walk swiftly up a path that looked somewhat important. She had a plan. Soon the path brought her to a small town with a trading post. “Sir, please tell me. Where is t- there a h-horse for sale.” Buttercup panted. The man looked suspiciously at her. “Not from round here e’?” He asked. Buttercup pulled herself up rather proudly. “I’m from- around.” Typical, Buttercup thought, that no one should know who she was. “Here, what do you have for this handsome mare?” The man said. Then Buttercup gracefully drew her handbag and all that was inside. The man shook his head. “Oh, no!” Buttercup thought. That Buttercup did an outrageous thing. she stole the horse, and took back her handbag, too. In a quick motion,  Buttercup jerked the reins. Then even after the mare was galloping  Buttercup through herself on, and in a minute she was riding. Buttercup hardly noticed the angry shouts behind her. She could hardly believe she had just stolen.


“The outrageous young women.” Was what was written on the posters which hung on the walls of several taverns, stores, and even a few post offices. When Buttercup first saw that poster she nearly fainted. The picture drawn to describe her, which was inspired by the man at the trading post, looked more like a wild Indian war women, then her. And of course, she nearly died of shame. She rode that mare across back country paths, eating berries and such.  One day, several days after she stole the horse, she was riding on one of these paths, when she accidently ran in to a horse and buggy. “I’m dead meat.” Buttercup thought. but as the buggy approached, the kindly women only beckoned. Buttercup got closer, but not too close. After all she didn’t know exactly who this women was. The women bent forward. Now Buttercup understood. This women was one of the women miss Jeana had told her about. She had opened her house to runaway slaves. “I have Kayla and Jack, safe.” She said. This women had one “station” of her own. The lady lead Buttercup to a pretty little cottage with flowers. “How do you know who I am?” Asked Buttercup.  When the they dismounted, the lady took both Buttercup, and Buttercup’s horse inside the mud room.  “This.” The lady said. “This,” she repeated, “Was handed down from lady from lady in the underground railroad.” She pulled out a letter, written on miss Jeana’s only handkerchief. “buttercup!” Whispered a voice, and Buttercup turned to see Jack and Kayla. “Jack, Kayla, oh how glad I am to see you!” She ran at their feet and curtsied the best she knew how. “Now, shall we hear the letter written on my dear mothers only handkerchief!” “Yes, you shall.” Said the miss as she rang out the handkerchief, and it began so.

My dearest Mary Delia. How distressed I am at finding my only daughter, with indeed my permission, smuggling out two wonderful persons, Jack and Kayla. To early was there departure, (under such circumstances I cannot write) They are now on the run. Jack and Kayla know of you. Protect then I beg of you, for there is not a soul I love more than Buttercup McCabe, my only daughter. Yours, Jeana. 


Buttercup’s mouth was hanging open. “I never knew my mother could write with such excellency!” She exclaimed.

“Your mother is a lot more intelligent than a lot of people think.” Mary Delia replied. “Now, no more talk. it’s time to board the wagon.”


The wondrous Philadelphia.

“Here.” Said Mary Delia, as she placed a straw hat on Buttercup’s head. Buttercup’s usual down hair was pulled back into a bun. Buttercup tried to move her head, but it hurt. Then spectacles were given to her. She had to narrow her eyes to see through them. “There, a regular Taylor.” Said Mary. She looked around, then whispered, “Jack, Kayla, see this closet? In her, is a giant suitcase under a lose floor board.” Mary took a key from her pocket, then lead Buttercup, Jack,  and Kayla to the closet. When she opened the door, there was no sign of the lose floor board. But to the three’s surprise, Mary did indeed lift a floor board. A sudden racket was heard. All four jumped and Mary fast fingers unlocked the suitcase beneath. She beckoned for them to hurry. There was a long, dark tunnel. Mary refused to look worried. “And stay in the middle of the tunnel. Buttercup, don’t lose this key. I was afraid of this.” Said Mary, but the last part under her breath.   Click. The case locked behind them. The tunnel was dark, and cold. Buttercup, Kayla, and Jack huddled in the middle of the tunnel. When the door opened, Buttercup felt Kayla flinch. She was stark cold. “Mrs. Mary,” unrecognizable voice. “Yes sheriff?” Said Mary. “I going to need to search your house.”  He replied. “Yes.. Sir.” Mary’s voice faltered. Mary had never had her house searched before. He went into the next room, it was full of nothing but antiques. She shook as she sat down. As he came around again, she knew he would look in the closet. Then she heard his foot steps.

She  tried to not look suspicious. He opened the closet door then studied the ground. “Well, it looks fine here.” He said, not very kindly. “But when I ever find that evidence, S and S for you.” Mary knew very well S and S meant the hot irons to be pressed upon your hand that if you were a slave stealer, you received. He lifted, and the moment he did, Buttercup realized her body had become numb. But, she knew, until she could not hear the sheriff’s horses feet, she, Jack, and Kayla must not leave there hiding place. A few minutes’ past and the three came saw Mary’s anxious face signaling them to come.  Once they got out, Mary looked at Buttercup with a look that said, “it’s time.” Kayla and Jack crawled in first, under bags and bags of flour. Then Buttercup “the Taylor,” hopped in beside her. “No,” Said Mary softly. “Your job is over.” “No” Said Buttercup. “My job won’t end until we get Jack and Kayla home.” Mary slapped the rear of the horse. “Gidddy, Maj.” Maj, the horse, bolted. Buttercup’s back slammed against the back of the buggy. “OW!” Shouted Buttercup. “Buttercup, Lord keep your voice down!” Mary whispered loudly. Buttercup objected. “I’m sorry, but there was something- ah, yes this! What is this!” Behind buttercup, there was a very pointy object. “Why Buttercup! Kayla was looking for this. She’ll be ever so glad!” Exclaimed Mary. Buttercup smiled. “What a queer necklace!”

How Buttercup did like a drive. She knew this trip would be risky, and the ride long, but her liking for horses would help as well. “Can I ride on the horse?” She asked. “Buttercup! Were in the world do you get your ideas! Not now, at least. Were passing a town.”  A town it was. Buttercup smiled. “Is this a stop in the, what do call it?” Buttercup asked, silently pleading it was a stop. She had absolutely loved the idea of a town, she had lived only in the country, and this town had a wondrously beautiful setting. “You mean the underground rail road? No, tis not.” Buttercup sighed.  Suddenly Buttercup bolted and yanked the horses reins. A giant dog shaggy and white came bolting at them. By now the carriage was slowed and Buttercup was on the ground hugging the dog. “Don’t you think we could keep it?” Buttercup asked. Miss Mary was about to argue when a girl, slightly younger then Buttercup ran up to retrieve the dog she looked sickly, her eyes were as pale as her face, and her hair was thinned. “Is that your dog?” Buttercup jumped. She had never Mary spook so strictly. “No,” Said mysterious girl slyly.  “But he belongs to Mr. Kyle.” Buttercup jumped again. “The let us adopt him.” Mary retorted. “Well Mr. Kyle won’t be very happy ‘bout that, now would he?” Answered the girl. “I know Mr. Kyle.” The girl released her grip. “What was that all about?” Buttercup asked once she had left. “Mr. Kyle often has animals he finds abandoned. He my good friend, but he wouldn’t agree with our journey. I’ll ask him about the dog and come right back.” Mary was heading out of the carriage, when Buttercup stopped her. “please let me go instead! “what a funney girl.” Thought Mary. “all right go.” Then Mary leaned in close. “don’t speak a word about are journey, and ask someone where he lives, because I’m not sure anymore.” She whispered. Buttercup nodded. She walked down a pathway that lead to a floral shop. She walked inside. “Can I help you?” asked a women, with a large flower- adorned hat. “Yes,” Said Buttercup, who’s jaw was hanging open, because the roses were so beautiful to her. “where does Mr. Kyle live?”  The women looked intimidatingly surprised. “You sure you want to see him.” She asked. “Yes, why wouldn’t I?” Buttercup asked. “3 blocks then a right.” She promptly answered, with a fake sort of smile. Buttercup walked slowly down, three blocks, and was about to take a  right when curiosity got the best of her, which isn’t unusual for Buttercup. She was wondering why  she never awnsered why she wouldn’t want to see Mr. Kyle the whole time, but now she decided to promptly spy on Mr. Kyle. She went around to the window and peeked in. There she saw why Mr. Kyle was considered so odd. His house was crowded, but he was the only human there, there were dogs, cats, hedgehogs, rabbits, birds, poultry, and a racoon. Mr. Kyle himself had curly hair, white from age and a very round shape. He was looking franticly around and Buttercup thought he was probably looking for the dog. She hastily closed the blinds and ran twords the door. She knocked, and in a matter of seconds he was running towards the door. The dog jumped on the door. “Ma’am good- oh! Thank you ma’am with all the thanks in the world!” Buttercup could see no other animals, as she expected. “Your welcome sir, I was wondering If we could have it, me Mary.” His whole face was very red by now. “Dear me, of course, if you know Mary, what a good person, what a good person.” Buttercup smiled. “thank you very much sir, I must take leave now.” Buttercup was thrilled beyond all measure. The dog pushed it’s loving head against her hand. Mr. Kyle handed her a leash. “It’s rare people adopt my animals but I’m very glad you did, not that I’m running out of room of anything.”  He hastily added, but Buttercup didn’t hear him because she already running up the street to buy a roll from the baker for her and the dog. Buttercup bought the roll and exited. The girl who had earlier confronted her was sitting on a nearby bench. She glared at the dog, and Buttercup stared back at her, that is until the dog yanked on it’s leash sending buttercup flying.



Buttercup pays the toll.

“Shed the costume boys and girls a safe journey completed.” Mary Delia was unusually exited, but she had the right to. “free at last” was their victory call. It had been days since the arrival of “Bounce” the big dog. The city of Philadelphia was so large, but so free. The wagon was parked near the small store were Kayla was to be a seamstress. Buttercup bounced out of the wagon and shouted, “come Jack, come Kayla!” Buttercup hadn’t seen them for two days. Most every night there was a stop where they could spend the night, but this time there was an empty space. Buttercup hugged them both. “It’s time to say goodbye, I guess.” Said Buttercup. Mary went up to the door and knocked.

“Good morning!” Said a strict looking woman.She lead them up a long narrow staircase. At the end of the stairs there was a door. “Not much of an upstairs” thought Buttercup. “Good luck!” said Buttercup as she gave Kayla a hug. The room upstairs was cold and a bit drafty, but it would do. Buttercup and Mary left soon after. Then they left Jack at a black smith’s down the road. They wished Jack good luck as they went back to the carriage.

“I worry about mom.” Said Buttercup. “I’m sure she’s fine.” said Mary, as she patted Buttercup on her shoulder.


Home at last.




Buttercup and Mary returned home in a matter of days. The journey was shorter back because they took less stops. It took them only a few days. Buttercup was so exited. She had always loved home. There was no Olivia and miss Jenna to greet them as Buttercup and Mary had hoped. “oh no!” Exclaimed Buttercup. “It’ll be OK.” Said Mary hopefully. Buttercup started crying. Buttercup and Mary searched the cabin but she wasn’t there. “Buttercup dear, aren’t you hungry?” “I shan’t stop until I find her!” Exclaimed Buttercup.