The Official History and Geography Book

By Hiram Means, Carver Means, and Louis R. Sauer.

Copyright By ImaginaryCreatureAuthority 2016, edited on July 23 2017 by CarverMeans, both versions belong to Carver Means, as well as all original content on the blog. For more information, see the copyright notice.

Chapter one: the Macroverse, Omniverse and Multiverse.

Big is the Multiverse

Bigger the Omniverse

Biggest the Macroverse.

Composed by Papa Boggart.

Chapter written by Papa Bloo Bloo and Edited by Carver Means

Many people think that there is only one Universe (Mainly Muggles) but in recent years we have discovered many proofs that there are others. The main proofs are the legends we have of all us Imaginary Creatures coming from another universe, and how scientifically accurate they are. Also, many people think that this universe has merged with a universe called Ma, possibly where we Ma-has come from.

We have taken names from the Muggles dumb theory of “Parallel Worlds”, the Multiverse is a set of Universes held together by similar physical laws and Metaphysical Energies. Sometimes, we think, there are Miniverses, similar to the Muggle concept of Twilight Zones. Omniverses are places you can get to any world in it from, ours is the Wood Between The Worlds. The Macroverse is more complicated. It is infinite within infinite, consisting of Worlds of pure Thought, Sparkling seas of Power, unreachable heavens, and Flaming Universes. The End!

For more see my poem about Grandfather Sock World.


Chapter two: Bird world

Pleasant paradise

birds only zero mice

   Composed by Papa Boggart

Chapter written By Papa Gremlin

No one but birds know about Bird world. It is a very nice place it’s a paradise it is a place with many birds that is where it got its name, but originally it was called AvianHeim.

The president is Mr. president he has two kids he is a bald eagle and is trust worthy of anything and if you are going on a trip he’ll take care of your bird secretly.

Thrasher is the head of the militia he is Mr. president’s friend. Thrasher also was the best soldier in the bird army till he became head of 99.

25% or Bird World is water, 50% is forest, 15% is field, 5% is dessert, and 5% is snow. The entrance is the green gate it is on Ghost Mountain.

CHAPTER THREE: The history of the great treaty

BY Papa Gremlin



Composed by Papa Boggart

Thousands of years ago the Titans attacked the Spirits. They had been locked in Bird World and were very mad. They were defeated, but at heavy costs. Then the Spectres and Snowmen had a war and the Spirits had had enough. The elected four spirits, Zeus; Great orange dog; Vulcan; and Neptune; and decided to make them governing spirits.

They decided Zeus would govern sky, Great orange dog would govern land, Vulcan the lava, and Neptune the sea. We will have no geography because we have no idea where it took place.


By Papa Ood


mr. Opossum

Composed by papa Boggart

Arda is surrounded by legends. Some say it was once a man, but angered the gods and was turned into a world. Others say that Eru Illuvatar (Known in Ma as Valar), created it to fill a great void and sent his uncorrupted Maiar to populate it. They plowed mountains and filled oceans.

They went to the wood-between-the-worlds to find suitable Fey and found some badgers. These became the magical Badgerfolk. Then, according to the Bard of Beedle, Ythmynhied,* Morgoth the Maiar became angry and started a war.

He was eventually killed but his men, orcs, witches, trolls, and balrogs lived on underground. Later they came back to power under the Black Mold, see the Legend of Marcus as told by Louis R. Sauer. This account is largely in favor of J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, which arises skepticism**.

* Sometimes called Beetle the Bard.

**This may be explained by Imaginary interference, government cover-up, or inspiration.

Later other wars happened and eventually Middle Earth was turned into a group of floating islands. Under them is a group of kingdoms, Muspellheim (lava land), Jotunheim(giant land) and Nilfheim (spectre land). There are many people and races in the Inner (Arda) and they mostly live peaceable.




Bird world not a poor

World nor squirrel world

Composed by papa bogart


Papa gremlin here I didn’t get fed after midnight how horrid I’m still a mogwai I’m real cute. I’m not a papa no more at least I don’t look like one today we are learning about Vrihio. DUN DUN DUN.

Most think Vrihio is just bird world nope its Squirrel world, Bird world, Hiram land, Zeke land, and Lizard land. Lizard land is where lizards live. Hiram and Zeke land are colonies of the real Hiram land and Zeke land.


There are to known legends published by papa griffin and edited by Zeke Means here they are.

Story 1

Once there was a squirrel that wanted a companion so he got nuts and planted them and a tree grew and some squirrels came and it was called squirrel world.

Story 2

This is how double odds got to Zeke land a bunch of jonkends came to Zeke land but there was slime all over, two jonkends got stuck in the slime and were stuck together. This is called a double odd.


Chapter: 6 ma

Is this Ma

I think yeah

Composed by papa bogart

Story by Papa Gremlin

There is not much to say about this wacky wizarding world people think ma-has come from it but no one knows wacky and crazy these are four strange, and wacky theories listen carefully too.

Ma crashed with Earth and the mas, oos, and pas (ma-has, ma- whos and pa-has) crossed.

Theory two: ma-has got sent by their king to shape up are world and be missionary’s.

One of the Zodiac-based* ideas is that the most ancient race to do war took a human for his wife and their offspring was the first Ma-ha. Other Mas and some other species came next and they spread to all the different worlds.

There will be no geography because its wacky, tacky, crazy, I cannot keep up with it. So I hope you were prepared for wacky wizarding worlds.

*Zodiac-based prophecy is feeding astronomical images into a plasma-radiator which makes a Binary-Macronomical code. Zodi-energists learn this code and think it makes prophecies.


By Papa ood

many mythical things found here

they do not Drink beer

Composed by Papa Boggart

According to legend, the land where Imaginarycreatures come from was destroyed by robots with flaming mustaches* and the Spirits led the people into our world. By chance their ships**landed in the special planet, Earth. Then the Great Water Disaster came. Most humans were killed, all buktumbullopaingons and several animals. The Spirits fled to our Pocket Dimension, Bird World, and there set up a base. The Titans***stirred up trouble and the species later known as Aliens****left. Then ensued the war of the Titans. Next, after the water cleared up, the Spectres and Snowmen fought the war of the spectres. This war has much basis in fact and may have had a part in the banishing of spectres to Nilfheim by the Zeus of Life*****. I write these tales down to give you a backstory of the confusion that brought about Pennsylfornia. After the Great Treaty the Jonkends and the Spirits needed a fort. Neptune had built a continent for his first “crush”, Atlantimes the Nymph.******They copied his idea and built a floating island and nothing the Whisper said could change the governing spirit’s minds. When the Whisper went over to the Red Cloud side Five great wars were fought. The first brought down Pennsylfornia from it’s place in the heavens. The next killed the Orange Dogs father, who was the Wise One. The third drove the dwarves down underground where they made a tunnel and planted the spawning trees. Now whenever a dwarf spawns the earth gnomes send him up via the tunnel, dwarves are born this way because all the dwarf women did not come to our world. The fourth killed all the peaceable Oolpakubverzevaxuthasssssssssssssssootunsis in a brutal massacre. When the last war was fought, all peoples gathered in forts. The Whisper used a secret plan and went with half his force to the main storage fort of umpy land and sieged it. Meanwhile the rest snuck to German shepherd land, one of the Pennsylfornia holy lands, and attacked. Almost all the soldiers had gone to umpy so they won a great victory. The only survivors were the Caterpillar clan, traitors, who Whisper christened Death Clan. The Earth was ravaged and the only stronghold was Vulcan’s lair. The Governing spirits gathered with what forces they could muster, but they were losing. Finally, the Orange dog was the last one standing between Whisper and the victory. He took his sword and swung. He got right through the armor chest plate and cut into the heart of hearts. A horrible scream emanated from the chest and the battlefield was blown apart. The Whisper’s soul was sucked into the void with the master he so loved and the people carried the limp body to Jotunheim through a Pennsylfornia-based portol. All the Arten of Jokno’s magic was used to protect the rest of the world from the chance he might return by sealing it off. Memory passed into legend, legend into myth and the world healed. Until one day in the Twenty first century, a young man named Joe John sailed through. This was not supposed to happen! He colonized the first country, Munsobo, and named it Pennsylfornia, from Pennsylvania and California, his home states. Later King Carver, King Zeke, and King Hiram explored and founded the government. Here is a map:

*Some sources say zombies.

**May be some sort of spaceship or symbolic.

***Titans are strange looking powerful giants.

****Aliens are actually a group of species, but these are the base for many, green men. Other strands come from Euricilea, a world which opens into ours. If you want more alien history leave a comment asking for it (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

*****A nickname given to one of the early Zeus. He is very popular.

******The city named Atlantis after his lady was destroyed by Neptune himself in a fit of rage. He does penitence for this in the form of litter patrol at the bottom of the sea, which also keeps him on the media’s good side.


Video game realm in

Tis cause the cats do

Not go hiss hiss hiss

Composed by Papa Boggart

Story by Papa Ood

Now this is a controversial subject, as many do not even think there are other universes. This is the theory, in essence, of Miniverses. Many of these exist in legend, and the mathematical equations actually help their argument. One, the True Wilderness. This is the base for the nature elements and is the power source for nature spirits and imps of the forest. Second is the Imagination Area, where dream beings make their home. It is full of mists of all the world’s ideas. Third, this is the most intriguing, the Video Game Realm. It has video game guys.

Chapter 9: From the Sauer Encyclopedia of Knowledge:


Papaloopa Wizard. Replacement Wizard, aka Lucky #13.


From the Sauer Encyclopedia of Knowledge:


Little is known about his year of birth or exact origin,


except that somewhere out in the ‘Netherlands of Deepest


Space’, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, there existed a


consciousness that was formless and void, awaiting the


Creator, Valar, to pick him for wizardry.


Valar’s Plan was always that there should be exactly 12, an


even dozen of Wizardkind assigned to Middle Earth for


purposes and reason only He would later reveal in bits and


pieces through stories and legends. All we know is that


Papaloopa was not his original name and that he was not


among the original 12.


When the White Wizard went bad, Valar wanted to give


him every opportunity to turn back, but when Saruman


totally linked to Evil-Sauron (his real name) and was


deposed*, Papaloopa was called up to take Saruman’s




Not having the skills or training to assume the role of Head,


or Top Wizard, he could not be given the #1.   (The number


#1 remained vacant for 10,000 years). Papaloopa was thus


assigned #13 (Lucky #13) however, the Dwarves thought it


Unlucky and he had less respect among the Dwarves than


any of the his fellow Wizards but was received with full


Wizard rank by the Elves.


He was known to especially close to Elrond, the High Elf


and Gandolf the Gray, who later became Gandolf the White


but Gandolf was never reassigned the #1.


Papaloopa was known to be friends with several notable or


famous creative people throughout history including Walt


Disney, J.R.R. Tolkien, Sir Author Conan Doyle, and Mark


Twain to name a few.


It was forbidden for any Wizard to marry and there is no


record of any violation of Valar’s Law in this regard, but


Papaloopa nearly did. Details are sketchy but Readers are


referred to “The Ents and The Old Forest”




*Some say killed by being shoot by arrow of Legalos, some


say a knife in the back, others, falling from the High tower.


J.R.R. Tolkien wrote that he survived but was reduced to a


life of a homeless beggar.


Also see: “Wizards, Twelve or Five ? – The Debate


Rages on.” For additional bio on Wizard Papaloopa


Here is a short history of Lalaland :

Spelled with double ‘a’s and capital ‘L’s , LaaLaaLand  was originally supposed to be Middle Earth, but the Council of Wizards met and decided that if ‘Oblivious’ were to be allowed in the same Land as Hobbits, the so-called “Smegal Effect” might happen over and over. Donuts and Coffee were suggested by Elrond as an alternative but the little dudes really favored O.
The somewhat goofy Wizard  Dunkledorf insisted on pipe weed for Middle Earth and thus the Council decided that a new and similar but separate and nearly parallel world would be set aside for the innocent Munchkind, which are now called Munchkins after the success of the 1930’s movie about a Wizard , curiously enough, patterned after Dunkledorf.
The Elves and the Dwarves quickly divided up Middle Earth, and allowed much open territory for others, like Hobbits.
LaaLaaLand, on the other hand was given to the gnomes to oversee. Since the Munchkins were quite childlike, and because there was a crossover between the worlds, one gnome in particular was appointed their guardian.  Readers of the ‘Wizard World Journey to the Center of the Earth’ know the secret transformation ability of PapaGnome.  The Original Guardian of LaaLaaLand however, was OmpaGnome.
Before he disappeared, he passed the authority down to the present Guardian , PapaGnome.
OmpaGnome was a wise and kind Guardian but when he passed the age of 999 he began to get senile.  In the history of LaaLaaLand, it is recorded that he was eaten by a Red Dragon after wondering afar into the Orc Lands.
  LaaLaaLand can be found approximately in the same area as The Shire if you over lay a map of LaaLaaLand over Middle Earth.
Authors Footnote: human kind sometimes, erroneously, reference Lalaland (single ‘a’s) as a mental state of inattentiveness or naive bliss.   They are generally clueless that it is or was a real imaginary place in The Wonderful Wizarding World of MA.
-Quoted with Permission for the   “Sauer Encyclopedia of Knowledge”  copyright 1947 and renewed 2016

the author:

Bloo bloo

unnamed bliBloo Bloo is a rewy asom ma-ha. He du king of the bloo troll ma-has and wen he dys his owdest son wiw becom Bloo BlooHe used to bee a ma-ha spiwit guide, and hewped bring the Golden Age of du Spirits. Now he wivs with hiz wif Peenk Peenk and haz Bloo Bloo, Peenk Peenk, and Bob (He wiw not bee inportint cuz he is not guna be a rooler ever) and manee overs. Hiz dog is named Dum Dum.

Papa gremlin

Image result for gremlin papa

I’ve been a pap since I had me a grandson baby grem then I told him some story’s and published them and got me telling all story’s in ere world so there ya have it that’s about old me (I’m glad me got this idea)

Papa boggart

Image result for boggart harry

I loved witing poems wen I wer young cuose there funy me had grandboy yeser day done!

Papa griffin

Image result for griffin

I had my first grandchild not long ago and I started to collect legends and I wright storys so that’s all I suppose come on papa ood

papa ood

Image result for oodPapa ood was born in a small southern town and enjoyed sharing stories during the Hummmmmmmbyummmmmmmmmbyummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbyummmmm. In the second eon B.W. (Before World) he discovered a conscience that would later become Earth and settled down there with his wife, Nana Alien Tentacle Lady, five infantrilion children and eternal spawner of grandkids.

papa elf

Image result for papa elfYou may know Papa Elf from the movie Elf. He enjoyed doing computer science at the North Pole and did the behind the scenes work for this volume.

post script:

I papa gremlin have decided to make this book with all the papas after an agreement so in this we will have some legends.



Vulcan had many

Cyclopes and trolls

During the war of

The Titans that did

Work for him but

He let them lose

Later when he be-

Came a governing

Spirit of lava – papa griffin

Purple squirrels few

Ta squirrel word an

Tied to conquer it

Me saved da dae

Pome thev ecapd -papa bogart

“You failed your grammar papa bogart” “me fail grammar that unposible!”

Ode to Grandfather Sock World

By Papa Bloo Bloo

A wong wong tim a go in a gawaxy fa awae ther was a grampu. He ate all du fod he cuwd get his hansesees on. One dae his datur sed “Go git a wif shew stop u fwom eating aw dat!” He maweed hiz own sok and had a babe namd granfathew sok wowld. The end I hayt spew chek.

The harpy invasion

Mr. President was looking out his window and saw a bunch harpys “99, 99, I need the 99.” “at your service” said thrasher (Mr. Presidents best friend ) “fight” sad they “fight, fight, fight, fight.”

-papa gremlin

Me wan do ‘nother legend peese O.K.



Ma-ha me a ma-ha I march around he Christmas tree me a ma-ha yes me a me ma-ha ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya.








That was a legend “ya” all right shrug




Me gonna make a level in geometry dash called ma-ha he he he he he.




The end