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I know I promised to do an Ogre Authority, but I decided to also include other types of giants. As you almost certainly know, a giant is a really big monstrous humanoid.

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Ogres are mythical creatures commonly featured as cannibals and human baby eaters. They appear in many Fairy Tales such as Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, and Sleeping Beauty.

Fairy Library- Giant Ogre Discovers Hop o' my Thumb and His Brothers

Two similar creatures are Orcneas and Oni. Orcneas are one of the three races descended from Cain, alongside elves and ettins. Oni are big red Japanese demons.






In some old stories Ogres lived in England before humans, but were killed out by heroes like Beowulf.



The Anglo-Saxon (old English) word for giant is Ent. J.R.R. Tolkien used that for his Tree Giants. Ettin is a variant of that word combined with Jotun (jotun, eoten, ettin, you can see the connection) usually associated with two-headed four-armed giants. The smaller ones are Boggles.






They are used in many popular fantasy settings such as DnD and Narnia. Not to get too swept up in etymology, but ettin is an anglicized version of…


which is the Norse Mythology version of giant. However, they are not the typical legendary giant, because they include not just giant versions of humans, but giant wolves, vultures, and wargneas.






They were the first race created, living during the Chaos period. When Addnumbla the cow licks Bor into existence, the giant Ymir and his sons kill him. Bor’s son Beor and his brothers launch all-out-war on the giants. Beor’s son is Odin, who marries Frigga and that’s where the gods come from.


From then on the Jotuns live in Jotunheim, waging cold war on the gods, until Loki leads them into battle on Ragnarok.

oh so cool

Loki was one of the Jotuns. He is always tricking people and being annoying, until he goes a little too far by killing Baldor.

loki you twerpazoid

Fenrir is a giant wolf, Loki’s son, who at Ragnarok eats the Sun and Moon (The word Jotun means “devourer,” which probably has to do with this legend).

hay gys got sum peetsa


There are a few types of Jotuns specifically mentioned. There are Clay Giants, Sons of Muspl (fire giants), mountain giants, sea giants, frost giants, trolls, and wind giants. Also there are a few that seem to be half giant half animal, such as wolf-headed and vulture-headed. Trolls, Iron Witches, and wolf mosters live in the Iron Wood.

frost thing



The Greeks and Romans had a few types of primordial giants. They were the brothers of the gods, but when the gods rebelled against Chronos (Father Time), the giants and titans sided with Chronos. Not to mention freaks like Typhon, who had dragons for hands and was half tornado. That war was the Tytanomachy.

Atlas the titan
a giant

The cyclopes, who were one eyed giants, helped the gods during the war against the titans, so they got rewarded. Some live in the north, some work for Vulcan, and some live out in the sea on islands and eat sailors.

im the fellow around here people


So, with all this folklore it is pretty obvious that modern fantasy books would taken them up. Even in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books the giants exist, seeming to come from the northern mountains. This suggests that they were bred by Morgoth, as is told in his earlier pre-canonical stories. The good giants, the Ents, were created by Eru Illuvitar.

In the Narnia books, giants exist alongside Ettins, Ogres, Boggles, and Orcneas as servants of the White Witch. In Dungeons and Dragons, giants are basically the same, and species related to giants are cyclopes, ettins, ogres, trolls, fomorians, voadkyn, golems, and verbeegs.


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Recently, I wrote a List of Mythical Creatures page that included a lot of trolls. So, I decided that the time was right, and I needed to write a Troll Authority. The other inspiration is this story.

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I am a big huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, as you can probably tell from reading this blog. In the Hobbit, his first published work, trolls are sort of comedy relief. Their names are Bert, Tom, and William. They are a bunch of blundering idiots for the most part, and end up getting tricked by Gandalf and turning into stone.

troll tolkien

In Lord of the Rings, a book with a slightly less silly tone, they are big hulking monsters, and don’t really speak that much, acting as slaves. Also, the origin of Trolls is partially told, we are informed they come from the shadow in the North and were originally lumpy animal things.

The Silmarillion, the book of Elvish legendary traditions, also includes their origin story. They were bred by Morgoth in mockery of Ents (spirits made because of Yavanna’s request to protect Trees).

A lot of modern fantasy Trolls are sort of based on Tolkien’s trolls.

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In David the Gnome, an old cartoon series which is actually really good, the trolls are depicted as the arch-enemies of gnomes. The specific trolls appearing in the series are really cool, and have tails. Also, like in Tolkien, they turn to stone with light. They are not the smartest, so gnomes usually can defeat them. They also steal human babies because their own babies are so weird.

troll for baby's sake


Da da da da da Trolls (also commonly known as internet trolls) is really just a term for people that write mean and/or dumb comments on websites. Just getting that clear.

maha 72

Now, in original Norse Lore, trolls were one of the four types of nature spirits, the others are Jotuns, Purs, Risi. Jotuns are giants and enemies of Odin, Purs faded into monsters, and Risi sort of were the inspiration for Wood Elves, as opposed to Alfs.

By the way, I could not find a single picture of purs or risi, so if you are making a fantasy book, those four races would be awesome.

Anyway, Trolls became mysterious magical hermits living in large family groups. Then as time went on more traits were assigned to them, such as turning into stone during the day, hating lightning, and wanting to drink Christian blood. Grendel is a sort of Anglo-Saxon equivalent, and Tomte are Germanic.

In Old English, the word giant was Ent (Tolkien’s giant tree shepherds are based on that) and in Norse, the word is Jotun. The Trolls were a sort of more magical Jotun. The Iron Witches are also called Troll-wives of the Iron Wood. Thus, Trolldom is their word for one type of magic.

maha 74


In the later Fairy Tale traditions, many older Fey Folk were adopted into more sophisticated tales. Trolls mainly were given the Ugly Stupid Dimwitted Monster treatment, and distanced from older tales of primordial wars between gods and jotuns. One story emerges from this time.

The Riddling Troll Under the Bridge.

This guy will cause you real problems if you are late for a meeting and need to cross his bridge. He is usually included in fantasy universes just for show.

is lorax


Trolls were the inspiration for one guy to make a little doll with spiky hair. It was a hit!! So now it’s a big company.

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Disney made a movie of it, but it does not do justice to the original troll “dolls.” These kind of trolls can also be called ma-has.

Also, many types of fey are similar to trolls, partly because over the years trolls have sucked in many other lesser known fairy-folk.
















These are some links you might find helpful if you are researching trolls and other types of fairies.

Fey 1

Fey 2

Fey 3




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List of Mythical Creature page 12

Today on ImaginaryCreatureAuthority, we present Ten Mythical Creatures! These are ten Spirits of the Unknown.

These today are mostly Evil Foul creatures.




The winged pig is a mythical creature that can either be an unclean spirit (probably has to do with pigs being unclean animals in Jewish culture) or funny cute creatures. (e.g. When Pigs Fly)

maha 68 v.s. the pork side




In original Middle Eastern folklore, Ifrits are fire demons. Basically Balrogs. Islamic religion holds them to be a “class” of Jinn.

goat thang.png




Ghosts or Evil Spirits that use Slime to mind control their victims.

creepy thang.png




These are creepy old ladies that got in too deep with ghosts and things. They are permanently mutated by evil spirits, so they live alone with fifty or so cats.


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These phantoms breathe poisonous gas everywhere they go. They are very creepy.





In mythology, death heads are hideous and gross creatures. They are skulls with their guts trailing behind them. (yeah, gross.) The name death head just means skull in general, but this is a specific creature. A variant is the Vampire Pumpkin, a pumpkin with guts trailing behind it.

creep 17



OK, let’s take a break from all this creepiness.


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Everyone feel better? OK, here we go.




These are skeleton monsters of any sort, other than human. For instance a skeleton dragon.

bone monster




We all know what vampires are. Blood sucking monsters that turn into bats.

derp 2




These are basically the giraffe version of ghosts.

maha 69




From Norse mythology, this is one type of creature living in Jotunheim. The others are Jotuns, Ettins, Vulture-headed-giants, Wolf-headed-giants, Warks, Ice Giants, Fire Giants, Rock Giants, and their servants trolls. One was married to Loki, in some versions. They live in the Iron Wood with the Troll-wives.


witch of thought
Technically this is a witch of thought, but whatever.



And so there is a deeply weird list of mythical creatures! If you are new to the blog, find the first page of the list Here. And if you are very confused, go to the about page, but that might not help much. And whether you are a newcomer or an old subscriber, please subscribe for more! Also comment. And like. And share.



List of Mythical Creatures page 11


This fascinating troll subspecies exists for the sole reason that Everything is Better with Horns. These are the more traditional folklore trolls, as opposed to Cave Trolls or Mountain Trolls, which are usually Tolkienesqe.




These are creepy trolls that have slime on them and rise slowly out of the misty murky water. Often these will have an army of alligatorfolk or something. A lot of times these are based on Grendel’s mom.




These are the more Elvin type of troll. Sometimes called Tomte, these trolls are funny little men who live in caves.

A nice troll family reunion.



Anyone who has been following this blog for a long time has probably heard of Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse mythology. For those of you who haven’t, here’s a quick recap.

There are nine worlds on Yggdrasil:

Midgard land of men,runes. sold. Nilfheim land of Spectres, Nilfs, and cold,niflheim

Jotunheim land of giants,jotun baby loki is cool thor ragnarok

Alfheim land of the light alfs,alfheim, elfhome, is in every garden

Asgard land of the gods (thor and loki and odin),


Vanaheim home of the Vanir (secondary gods who in reality are from an even more ancient religion, and in Norse mythology they are from a previous Age.),

Like Fell Beasts. these are fromm a previous Eon, Maybe the Primordial forest.png

Musplheim home of the muspls and the Fire Illi Adin,

Myrkheim home of the Dokkl (dwarfs),


and Svartlheim home of the Svartl (Dark Elfs).*

Quenya or Sindarin

Tolkien, who often used mythology for his stories (he was, in fact, trying to write a “mythology”), used Svartl as the inspiration for his Moriquendi. Also, D&D, Elder Scrolls, and Warhammer all use some variant of “Dark Elves”, whether Drow, Dumner, or some other Thin Cover Up Name**.


*There is some controversy over what the last world is. Some say Svartl and Dokkl are the same thing, but sometimes both their worlds are mentioned in cosmology lists so I think they are separate. Also sometimes the Tenth world is Hevn, but that’s a Biblical Illusion that doesn’t really fit. Also, one world might be Hel, and that IS IN the legends, but it’s pretty similar to Nilfheim. But this is getting to deep into the technical stuff.

**BTW, I don’t think the thin cover up names are actually to disguise the fact that these are dark elves, it’s mainly to make it so the fan feels a depth to the fantasy world.




Boggles are basically your classic Slimy Evil Cringing Minion. They’re similar to Bugs, Boggarts, Bogs, Boggy Bones, and Bugeiries. Basically, all those creatures are interchangeable, but to put a finger on a specific one, in this case Boggles, we will look at what comes up when you Google them.

OK, what came up was some sort of word search game, so let’s Google “Boggle Folklore”


google has it
Some sort of ghost in an old fashioned hat.



maha 61
A mischievous boggle, also wearing a cool hat.
maha 62
A cartoony one.
maha 63
A pan/satyr/puck interpretation
maha 64
Stringy Jack type thing.
maha 65
Dramatic boggle.



maha 66
Oh this little fellow is cute.


It seems like nobody has really decided what boggles look like. But maybe that’s because they’re shape shifters. So, boggles are a cool creature that isn’t too common, and it might be cool to have them as a fantasy race.




Also called Ratfolk or skaven, these are common in many genres. They usually live in like the sewers or something, and often have a Japanese style culture for some reason. A lot of people think that rats are gross (I think they’re kind of cute myself) rats and vultures are cayute

so these are often drooling slime and with one eye missing and stuff.

skaven also includes Goatfolk




The werewolf is a classic monster. He is in lots of old movies (sometimes called Wolfman even though the literal translation of werewolf is Manwolf) and also is in Lord of the Rings, although Tolkien, as with his use of vampires, probably just used the word Werewolf for it’s modern wolf monster connotations.


frankenstein is a human you jellyfish brained goofusi
Manwolf, second from the left.





Same as with skaven, these are more modern fantasy creatures, although in Greek Mythology Zeus made some. Usually hardworking and with a hive mind thing.

And this is different from Antman the superhero.

this cool guy with a swordhaha 5




In Jewish folklore, Golems are made by wizards as servants. They are created by casting a spell on a human shaped clay statue.

In Minecraft there are two kinds, Snow Golems and Iron Golems. They protect villagers, Steve, Dogs, and Alex.

maha 67




In many fantasy worlds, orcs are bad guys. “Orcs” in Tolkien’s world is the Gondolin word for Goblin. (e.g. Orcrist=Goblin Cleaver) These are one variant. For more on Orcs, go here.


List of Mythical Creatures page 10

Hello everybody, and welcome to Imaginary Creature Authority!!489fec9be91b0112ff1c1f7cd805963b[1]

Today, I give you another post in the List of Mythical Creatures!


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More Lists of Mythical Creatures?? An Authority on a specific creature you are curious about?? Another story??





Sometimes known as the Alicorn (although an Alicorn usually refers to the horn of a unicorn in original legends). Obviously, everyone knows what a unicorn is. But in case you don’t, here is a picture.


So, a winged unicorn is basically a Pegasus, with a horn. They can be really cool, and in Persian Assyria winged unicorns are symbols of evil, which calls back to the original, darker mythological traits associated with unicorns.

black is always evil


The Baku are giant, elephant-like creatures from Chinese and Japanese folklore. They supposedly were pieced together out of spare parts the kami had left over after creating all the animals, and they are awesome because they eat nightmares.

In the various religion changes of Japan, the Baku has changed over time. The common depiction is an elephant head and tiger legs, but sometimes they have other combinations of Ox, Elephant, Tiger, and Rhinoceros traits.

not a long




Horse or goat with one horn. In original mythology it was ferocious like a lion.




The Jackalope is one of the traditional animals of American folklore. They are basically rabbits with horns. If you go on a vacation out to the north western united states, chances are you will see a statue of a Jackalope along the road or something. There is also the winged jackalope.

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Ahuizotls are awesome creatures that are kind of like evil underwater dogbeavers. They steal people’s eyeballs and fingernails after drowning them. In Aztecian- Aztec?- Azteceze?- the name means Spiky aquatic thing, because they have spikes all over them sometimes.

Oh yeah, they also have a hand on their tail.




The Chicken Horse is one of the traditional Greko-roman hybrids. Apparently. This can work either as a chicken with a horse head or a horse with a chicken head.

By the way, Hippo or Hyppo means Horse, that’s how we get Hippogriffs (Horse griffin) and Hippopotami (Horse of the River). So do not call a Hippopotamus a Hippo. BTW, If I was a scientist I would call Hippopotami HippoLipos.




This is a case of the Fifty Foot Whatever AND of Giant Bug. Can it get much better? What these are is basically an Ant, just really big. (Or else the people are really small.)





Originally just called Salamanders. But since salamanders are now real animals, these have to be called something else. Fiery Salamanders live in volcanos because they are fire elementals in the Alchemic tradition.

all these ancient books




This is the single most popular mythical creature ever. In original Scandinavian mythology, these were the third race to be unfrozen by the Cosmic Cow (The Cosmic Cow is actually in the mythology. I’m not making that one up) and live in Bananaheim. You might have heard the legend that Yggdrasil is an Ash tree. It is actually a Banana tree.

I am the great god Bananaanaa. BOW DOWN TO ME




The Sphinx is a pretty well known creature. It is a Lion with a human head found all over ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern legends. But, there are other variants as well. The Heiracosphinx is a lion with a sphinx head, and may have been the forerunner for the griffin. This creature is well known enough that it is in D&D, Pathfinder, and Yu-Gi-Oh! but rare enough that it isn’t overused.


Next List: Ten Cool Creatures With Humanoid Features!!!

HatchetFace part one

“The Last Will and Testimony of Hatch Face”

By Louis R Sauer

Editor Carver Louis Means

Copy right May 25, 2017

tee pee tee hee



“Perhaps it is time,” replied the elder American Indian to the younger Princess Marie with her sister Princess Hannah who had both come to visit him on the occasion of his 95th birthday, “that I should make out my Will.  I’m not getting any younger you know!”

“Oh ‘stuff and nonsense’,” replied Marie with a laugh, “we came to hear your stories, not to think about when you won’t be with us!”

Hatchet Face, whose sagging facial cheeks pointed downward into a permanent frown with age, attempted a smile. “You are very kind. And I notice you have not brought Hiram the Awesome or Brave Zeke, are they attending White Man’s College?”

“Boys go to college to get more knowledge…,” began both girls, then stopped abruptly.

“That little rhyme always makes me smile,” interrupted Hatchet Face, “and not a very accurate ending, considering you both graduated from Snaem University with advance degrees yourselves!  Still, I think it is time for me to clarify my legacy.  That’s why I want both of you to do Literature Majors. Take some Notes.  Will you do that for Old Hatchet Face?”

“Certainly, but we have one condition, don’t we Hannah?”

“Yep!  Umm… what?”

“Why, our condition is that for each item or artifact, you tell the story that goes with it!”  Marie beamed at her own brilliance.

“Yeah!” Hannah chimed in, ” and we will write down the story (and get to hear the story) and that will make your Last Will and Testament, … umm, help me out here Marie.”

“It will make it complete!”










Chapter One:   “Seven Gold Coins”

“My first bequest is the only item that has cash value in the White Man’s World,” Hatchet Face began as he withdrew a very weather-beaten saddle bag from behind the stack of blankets in his HTTO Teepee.* “All I have to leave are these few items.”  And he began to dump the first of it’s the contents on the brightly colored horse blanket in front of them.

A tarnished silver horse’s bridle came out first followed by seven gold coins.  Clearly from the rattling sound, there were more items not yet dispelled.  Both girls knew that each item had a special value.  But these first eight held their attention and they awaited the story that would follow…..

“Several years after the Adventure of the Golden Egg,” the wrinkled but very virile Indian began after a puff of his long stemmed corn cob pipe, “we received an urgent call for help.  Chief Carver was away dealing with Sitting Bull and had left me in charge.”

“What was the call?” asked Hannah eagerly, “who was it from?”

“That was exactly the problem, young One.  We did not know who it was from or what the trouble was.”

*HTTO, .  Higher Than The Others




“Than how did you know it was a cry for help?” begged Marie, now totally into the story.

“Because of how it came to us.”  The Old Indian’s eyes glistened at the memory and he paused for effect, good story teller that he was.

“You were both quite young at the time,” he began again, “Do you remember the year that the buffalo were hidden?  Of course you do, I’m sure.  It was a very difficult winter and we Snaems have always depended on the big summer hunt to see us through the winter.  That summer and all that Fall we journeyed further and further without success.  It was late in the year when we came across the killing fields.”

indians, I mean injuns, I mean Native Americans, I mean indians, I mean American Indians.

“Killing fields?” repeated Hannah with a shiver.

“Yes, as far as the eye could see and as high as my horse, thousands had been slaughtered.  Killed for their hides and the rest left to nature.”  The old man’s eyes now grew moist and he had to turn his head for a moment to regain his composure.


“We needed only a dozen for their hides and for food, yet the white hunters had killed them all and left us nothing.”

“I confess, it was in my heart to track them down and do to them as they did to the Buffalo. But for Tatunka.  His name means buffalo and he knew much more of them than any of the others in our hunting party.”



“Tatunka instructed us to look for the carcasses on which birds were still feeding.  That meant that the meat, while spoiled and sickening, was not as spoiled, and below, the bones were still harvestable.  They can be boiled for soup broth, you see girls.”

Both girls had been living comfortable lives and cringed at the word picture he was painting.

“We managed to harvest more cooking bones than our horses could carry, and while fighting off sadness of the waste and anger at the buffalo hunters, we were also thanking The Great Spirit.  We would hunger, but survive the winter now.

“I was just tying down the last of my heavy load when something shiny caught my attention.  There at my feet, exposed by our scavenging, a flash of silver !”

As I reached in my hand, I withdrew this silver horse’s bridle.” He held it up for them to see.


“Now there is not an Indian on earth that would think a buffalo ate a horse, so I asked myself how that could be?   By now our group was mounted and leaving for home. There were several days and weary nights to ride. It would be slow under such a heavy load.

But something held me back.  ‘Go on’, I called.  ‘I’ll catch up.’

“Still holding the silver bridle, I got back off my horse and began to pry the massive carcasses one from another. And that’s when I found these,” he said holding the seven gold coins in his open palm.


They were in a torn burlap wrapping and there was what looked like picture writing, as if by a child.  The moment I looked at it, somehow I knew it was an urgent cry for assistance.”

“But what could you do?” Marie was as concerned as if it was happening as they were talking.

“I know where the coins had come from.  Not specifically, but more or less the general direction.  Look at the coins closely.”

When Marie and Hannah looked closely they were surprised. There was no writing, such as on a US Gold coin or even a Spanish Gold Coin,  Instead there was a symbol.  A triangle with a eye above it giving off rays as if it was the sun.

“Is this Egyptian?” Marie asked.  “It looks like something from pictures of a Pharaoh’s Tomb I’ve seen in school.”

“No, but perhaps just as old. A few coins like this were said to be scattered among the hoards of gold found and stolen by the Conquisidors who robbed and betrayed the Incas and Aztecs.”

“What does the symbol mean then? And aren’t all the Aztecs gone?”

“The symbol, I can tell you now, is from the LOST WORLD. Some call the place Atlantis.  And yes, these coins came from there.”

“WoW!” said Hannah, “but how would they get inside a Buffalo?”



“Chief Carver’s grandfather told us once about an isolated plateau, surrounded by desert.  The sides are unscalable.  So no one goes there and it is thought to be uninhabited.  But it is not.”

“Do you mean…?”

“Yes my young Princesses. They may be there.  Survivors of the Great Flood.”

“From when their country sank?  That would be more than a Thousand years ago!”  Hannah was counting on her fingers.

“Perhaps many times a thousand.  Imagine, escaping in a canoe and being washed all the way inland to the American SouthWest?  Then stranded on a high plateau for centuries!”  Marie exclaimed in amazement.


“Indeed.  And somehow now they needed help urgently.

“What did you do?”

“I left a message in the bones that I would be gone for some time and for Vice Chief Hiram to take over until either I or Chief Carver returned. Then I rode for the high Arizona Territory.”


“Did you get there in time?”

“Unfortunately not.  After more than a week riding I found the plateau at last.  And all the sides were sheer rock.  No hope of scaling it.  No ropes hanging down.  No ladders and no hand holds to climb. No signs of life.”


“You were too late then?” asked Princess Hannah.

“Perhaps.  Perhaps not.”

“What do you mean?’

Hatchet Face smiled brightly and rubbed his very prominent nose as if a cockroach were climbing up a nostril.

“I rode around the base.  It took three days to complete the circle.”

“And?” Marie was now on her knuckles and about to pounce with tension.

“And as I completed my circle, at almost the exact point at which I started I found a message, freshly painted on the sheer wall.  I’m certain it wasn’t there three days earlier,

“Don’t keep us in suspense!  What did it say?”

“It was a mixture of Spanish, English, Snaemian and Atlantisian picture-symbols. I can’t translate exactly but the pictures showed a great battle.  I couldn’t tell if was an old battle or recent. Or some legendary battle, perhaps a reoccurring war.”


“Were the pictures of the enemies white men?

“No, odd thing.  In the pictures they were of fighting giant birds.”

“Giant birds?  Like Eagles or Condors?” asked Marie.

“They seemed to be as tall as men, able to stand and fight like men as well as fly and attack.  More like Demons.”

“What about the words? “

“As I said, they were all mixed up.  But I could tell that it was a Thank You and a Warning.

“You mean, Thank you for coming in answer to our call for help?”

“Yes, I took it that way, though how they knew and who or where they were I still wonder about.”

“And the warning?

“It was about gold.  The demon birds wanted it bad enough to attack and fight to the death.”

“I never heard of such a thing,” exclaimed Hannah.

“What was the warning?” asked Marie.

“It was about protecting yourself from their attack and keeping your gold covered over, I think.  I advised Chief Carver to avoid too much gold after that.  We only take a few gold nuggets here and here as needed for trade ever since then.”



“Hmmm, I wondered about that.  What do you think the demon birds were, Hatchet Face?”

“The Snaem word they used was Ging.”


Marie sighed deeply and concluded the story, “So, these seven gold coins may be the only proof of Atlantis and of the Hidden Plateau City.”


“Indeed.  Now its up to you as the oldest Princess to keep them safe and you, the younger princess to keep and preserve the story.”


“We will. We promise!”  both said solemnly.




Or is it? Will we see more of these mysterious Gings? Will HatchetFace really die? Find out in The Rescue of Neptune’s Barnacle, coming soon.